Living in Cali. [week 8] Nisei Week Parade

Cute girls

Cute girls

Gosh. Its been more than a week since my last update. My work is taking a toll on me ;__;

68th Parade

68th Parade

I ended my Little Tokyo Walk-Adventure by sitting by the side of the 2nd Street to catch the Grand Parade.

Cops doing stunts

Cops doing stunts

This year is the 68th Year Nisei Week has been going on in Little Tokyo. Every year, they had a grand parade with some dance.

I have always interested with cultural stuffs. So seeing Japanese in traditional outfits doing some stuffs really interests me.

Dumping some pics here. For more, feel free to check out my flickr gallery.

Jinbei and Yukata, and Mokona hat

At the end of the day, I got myself a Jinbei and a Yukata. I really enjoyed my time there.

*Sigh~ I really should take a few days off ┐(´д`)┌

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5 responses to “Living in Cali. [week 8] Nisei Week Parade”

  1. gordon says :

    looks like fun. ^^;

  2. Rin says :

    Nice you got yourself a Yukata!!!!!!
    I have one too.
    Go traditional style!!!!!

  3. George says :

    Hello e-jump

    How are you? I’m George. I’ve left you a message before. I’m wondering would you still be interested in doing a banner exchange with you. Drop me an email to if you can. If I don’t hear from you in the next 2 weeks, I assume you are not interested. ^^

    My Site:

  4. suneo says :

    hmmm i want a yukata, even though I’d probably rarely wear it lol. Guess it’s just some way of making me feel closer to Japan haha

    I thought the guy in the third to last pic playing the shamisen was Peter Payne from J-list. Upon enlarging the picture though, I don’t think so lol.

  5. e-jump says :

    @Gordon: Its fun all rite. But week 9 activity was more entertaining. But week 9 has passed and im too lazy to post it up, so i’ll leave this pic here:

    @Rin: Yup, simple yukata. And somewhat i just knew that the women obi(belt) is bigger than men. Mens looks a little like pajama.

    @George: Sorry bout the no-reply George. I was too busy with stuffs till i forgot bout the exchange link. I’ll drop an email ASAP 😉

    @suneo: Well, you can actually wear the yukata to sleep, but its too expensive to be used as sleeping attire. try the Jinbei, its like the guys at matsuri wears.

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