momocan egoism artworks


Im pretty sure some of you who frequents image boards have seen cute artwork with the logo and number as above, and wonder whose fanart is it?

This are the works by momocan @ Honoka Yukishiro(sp?). I stumbled across her(?) works while looking for Rozen Maidens :3



Barasuishou and Kanaria

Barasuishou and Kanaria

Like Ryus, she too assigns all her works with numbers and date, making fans know when the work was done.



Momocan did lots of other fanarts too besides Rozen Maidens. Some might be not worksafe, but i like her style of slight chubby :3



Some may not be your cup of tea.



Oh, recently she did some Macross-F fanarts too. But i believe she no longer opens her full gallery anymore. But you can still access her recent work at the bottom part of her site.

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9 responses to “momocan egoism artworks”

  1. Persocom says :

    Nice, I really like Aegis and the Kanaria ones.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Persocom: Yeah. most of her(?) stuff are cute.
    I didnt realise when she closed her work gallery.
    I have most of it from 600+ all the way to 900+

  3. franstormer says :

    i like tamanee 😀

  4. suneo says :

    Oh Klan I love yoo~~

  5. Alejandro says :

    Do you really have from 600 to 900? I recently came across the artist’s gallery and I’m interested on the images that used to be posted (somewhere along the 800’s I think) Do you have ’em available?

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Alejandro. Im not sure if i still have the 6xx series ones, but 7xx onwards yes. But i need to dig on my archive system that i rarely switch on.

      • Alejandro says :

        That’s great e-jump, I reccently lost my lap-top in a car fire, so it’ll be great to re-start my cg collection with illustrations as great as those, again, it’d be great that you could help me.

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