Online Flight Check-in

Online flight check-in? Whats this?

Well, this is a check-in that can be done via online, where passengers can check-in through airline website and print out the boarding pass even before reaching the airport. Most of the airlines in USA has implemented this. Now this is a very convinient solution as you can skip the line for a pass at the busy airport.

Not only that, you can also check-in your luggage online, though im not really sure whats the procedures since I did not try it.

I hope Malaysian airlines can implement this too sooner or later, although we already have the online ticket booking.

Oh, I already checked-in and my flight will be in 3+hrs time.

New York here I come  ( ゚∀゚)


5 responses to “Online Flight Check-in”

  1. Haruji says :

    Oh Malaysia has this as well, but only on selected airlines.

    Last year when I always fly to Dubai, I online check in through Emirates all the time. Skip the HUGE queue in KLIA.

  2. e-jump says :

    But thats company dependent, not airport.

    anyway flight from John Wayne to Jacksonvile Atlanta took 4hrs, but diff of timezone made my 3hrs for sleep gone.

    Then from Atlanta to NY took 1hr 45min, but got delayed due to rain.
    Its sad that the whole weekend, NY will be having rain all day ;__;

  3. suneo says :

    That sucks…but have fun anyway! Rains haven’t reached here in Cali yet….but you should know that already! lol

    Has been gettin quite chill at nights around here though.

  4. Prim3 says :

    i tot MAS oso got online check in?

  5. e-jump says :

    Im not really sure prim3.
    AFAIK, you can buy ticket in malaysia, but its not the boarding pass itself.

    This one, you can print your boarding pass trait at home, and just be at the boarding gate in the airport.
    Not surfe bout the baggage e-check in

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