NYAF 08 Day2 – Unexpected Tanaka Rie appearance



For NYAF Day2, arrived at the venue at around 2pm. Was going sight seeing at downtown Manhattan before that.

Unlike Day1, Day2 is waaaay more crowded by many level. But this was expected as Friday is still working/school day for attendee who cant fool their superior for a day off .



And from my observation, the amount of cosplayers is like almost 50% of the attendees. Well, these includes the al-cheapo ebay cosplay of generic shonens.



Anyway, it seems the trend has changed compared to the past few wears as I am seeing less naruto and more Lagann and Geass.

Its not really a bad thing. Oh well, everyone has their own preference.

Live concert

Live concert by Love Etc

As I mentioned in Day1 coverage, NYAF actuall has 2 halls, where the main hall caters the vendor booths and stuff, while the 2nd hall more on live stage and panel/screening rooms. I did not spend any time on the screening items as nothing interests me.

Jesus paid a visit

Jesus paid a visit

It was so lively throughout the evening with some cosplayers pose and dramas. By 6pm, everyone started to queue for WCS(World Cosplay Summit) Cosplay Masquerade. I too quickly get into the line.

Since I did not get a good spot to snap pictures, I ask permission from staffs to stand and move around. They allowed me, with a condition, NO FLASH.

While I was tweaking my A300 for total dark room, suddenly RIE appears. I was ZOMGWTF!!!!1111

She sang few songs of her character, ie Chobits and GS/D. And yeah, she can really sing LIVE.

Ahhh~ I felt my life was halfway completed at that point. However due to the limitations of my gears, I did not manage to snap nice pictures. Only these came out decent ;__; And this made me decided to bring my 55-200mm lens for Day3.

My gear: Sony A300, 18-70mm f3.5-5.6, no flash.

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14 responses to “NYAF 08 Day2 – Unexpected Tanaka Rie appearance”

  1. Panther says :

    Tanaka Rie! Lol so young dressing. She can speak English?


  2. e-jump says :

    @Panther: Yeah, but everyone was expecting a Minna cosplay :3
    Red ppppantsu~

    She can speak basic english, greetings etc

  3. Persocom says :

    some decent cosplay pictures there but Rie is ❤ I envy you for being able to see her

  4. C221 says :

    Ahh, she’s so cute…! I didn’t get to see her.. I had to leave at 4pm.

    Ah, I went as Cirno. Did we meet?

  5. optic says :

    How did the mermaid cosplay walk around?
    The Lulu cosplay look super kool. ^^

  6. e-jump says :

    @Persocom: RIE!!!11 it was money well spent, for me to fly from CA just to meet her :3

    @C221: Yeah, cute in the cat girl costume. But would be best if she cosplayed Minna (S.Witches).
    Nope, i did not encounter any touhou.

    @Optic: the mermaid need to pull up her tail to her knees, then walk small steps. She didnt move very much.
    Yeah, the helmet works was good and solid too

  7. Rin says :

    Really nice E-JUMP!!!!!!!
    I see some sweet cosplayers!!!!
    RIE SAMA!!!!!!

  8. gordon says :

    looks ok but still prefer Asian cosplay. especially japanese one. ^^;

  9. e-jump says :

    Theres actually a lot of cosplayers, but i wonder why i only manage to get a handful only.
    Im still working on my RIE day 3 pics, so wont be a Day3 coverage post for a while.
    Feel free to check out my flickr (on main page, a little botom on right column)

  10. greendap says :

    Rie looks so good 😦 , and i missed it . *cries*

  11. Serene says :

    The whole thing is awesome but yea, still prefer Asian cosplay ^^” Their costumes are not bad though 😛 I wonder how the mermaid move? o.O

  12. Brian says :

    Note: Rie does know how to say “Nice to meet you!” in English with a cute voice! Too bad I missed Saturday, since I’m flat broke -_-.

    But it is a Saturday, since no one has school (unless you’re in college -_-), so I’m not surprised about the increase of attendees. The costumes look fine actually. Odd, I thought I remember finding Touhou cosplayers somewhere on Sunday.

    Sightseeing in downtown Manhattan? Did you do anything interesting there? I still get a bad vibe going there, like anything past Little Italy/Chinatown.

  13. e-jump says :

    @Brian: I went sightseeing from TimeSquare down to Statue of Liberty.
    I did not manage to cover Little Italy, Chinatown and SoHo due to rain.

    Sorry guys that Day3 coverage will take some time to be posted. Lotsa work neet to be done ;__;

  14. Brian says :

    Interesting, I haven’t been to those islands (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island) in a long time. I feel bad for the honorable guests, since they didn’t go sightseeing at all ;__;.

    I thought you were still sick, so you couldn’t do your Day 3 Coverage. Well, If you have work and other businesses to attend to, then you should do them first, and worry about this place (and that mail I sent a week ago) later. There’s no rush.

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