NYAF 08 Day3 – Forever Remembered

Rie panel

Rie panel

I will be remembering NYAF 08 Day3 moments and events throughout my entire life ;__;

As usual, day3 started early for me as a regular moslem, preparing for fasting. Woke up at 5am and have my cereal consumption for whole day energy. Then I took a rest and prepare myself to get out of the hostel heading for the con at 7.30am.



Arrived at the convention hall at quarter past 8am, and behold. THE LINE!! THE FRIGGIN LINE!! NOOOOOOO!!!11

When I got into line, I was like 60th+ person. NOOOOO!!!! щ(゚Д゚щ) In the pic above, im at the blue barrel on the right. I already know something will be going bad for today. And at around 9.30am, Its confimed that I did not get RIE autograph ticket as its only limited to 1st 50 person 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Early frustration were had. Me and few RIE fans nearby who had the same fate started to feel bad for ourself. Damn I blamed myself for not coming earlier right after my cereal (╬ ಠ益ಠ) And when I heard some of the guys in front arrived at 5am just to get in line, it made me felt even worse.

When the hall opened at 10am, most of the people in line rushed to RIE panel room. And here we go again with the waiting game. The panel room opened at almost 11am. However during that wait, I get to know and chat with more new friends. There I met Jeb and his nun-friend. Powerlevel suppression mode off. We chat on lotsa stuff there, STANDING.

Upon entering the panel room, I guess Im lucky that I get a good spot (5th row, on the left) and I brought my 55-200mm lens. While I do not have an external flash, I relied on iso800/1600 ( ¯3¯)

What came totally to my surprise was that there are few of Rie really came all the way from Osaka Japan, and China. And the Japan dude cant even speak proper English. For them to be able to arrive at the con was a total dedication.

Rie did not cosplay on day3. Oh well, her appearance alone was enough for me ( ゚∀゚) For coverage on panel session, do check out Omo’s coverage. Since I’m too lazy to redirect all Rie pics i had, head over to my Rie gallery. The pics didnt turn out sharp, so i guess i may need either an external flash or a faster lens.

After the panel ended, everyone quickly formed a line at the autograph room. Not having the autograph ticket, me and few fans set to push our luck, by lining up too. The staff did not chase us away at that time. After few hrs has passed, our chances getting slimmer. We began to get chased away by the staff as they said Rie will be having a closed interview so no extra autograph session.

While the no-ticket fans starts to gave up, me and few who left still with our belief on luck. However by 2pm, we began to lose the battle and got chased away. At that moment I totally regretted for not coming into the line earlier in the morning 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 As time running out, I started begging the staff for the autograph. Coming from the other side of the coast, I will not give up without trying in whatever way i can. Tears were almost shed after few guys backed me up and help me begging at the staff 。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。

After a hard trying session, 1 of the staff really did something special for me. He got me a Chie postcard autographed. This may not sound fair to others, but I just must get the autograph to mark that I met her IRL. However I learnt a big lesson throughout these events, that if I want for something, be ready to sacrifice my sleep like others.

Right after acquiring the autograph, I felt totally on cloud 9. everything felt completed. Mission accomplished. Then I continue to snap pictures of the cosplayers until the event ended at around 5pm.

Feel free to check out my NYAF cosplay snapshots gallery 🙂

*next stop, AFA08 Singapore. More on that later (☞゚◡◡゚)☞

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14 responses to “NYAF 08 Day3 – Forever Remembered”

  1. Brian says :

    I’m glad to stick by you at that time. Like I said before, anything for a Valkyrie fan. Getting an indirect autograph from Rie is better than nothing, that’s for sure.

    Also, for another lesson that we should really learn from (besides waking up early), if an uber-famous actress is scheduled to attend a certain event, DO get a VIP pass. Otherwise, waiting on line for Rie’s panel was just disgusting with sweat being fused in the air -_-. OK, maybe I over-exaggerated on that part…

    But for Omo, I feel worse for, being I think the 52nd person on line. As for me and my friend, I was near the bathroom. I think that’s my friend, standing on the corner. But seriously, don’t blame yourself. Oversleeping happens to almost everyone, and fasting takes up a lot of energy, does it?

    I still feel selfish but guilty around the events before the Anime Festival. (more on that later)

  2. Persocom says :

    Sounds rough but in the end you got something awesome, I envy you for being able to acquire an autographed Chi picture, glad you got it after all and had the once in a lifetime chance to see her in real life ^^

  3. e-jump says :

    @Brian: Yeah, I may consider VIP Pass next time. That is the most secure way to secure your spot, although it comes at a hefty price ;__;
    NYAF did sent me a survey feedback form few days back. I replied that its not all about the number of guest a Con can host, but the more quality time fans can spend with guest.

    @Persocom: yeah, it was a tough time for me. But all got paid off when i can meet Rie in person.

    Next International stop would be Singapore, as may’n will be there.

  4. Aoshi says :


  5. Brian says :

    Heh, I also complained about that as well, though I probably wanted to change some stuff. I was annoyed that fans can’t take a picture alongside Rie, yet I read that some people were able to take pictures with Amano (I believed that he had 2 days worth of autographs last time I checked, so that probably made sense).

    The price may be steep for VIP pass, but sometimes, we don’t have a choice. Truthfully, the experience was really rough (especially for a first-timer), but its really worth it when you feel accomplished in the end.

    Singapore Convention? Are you sure you have the money for an international flight? I mean, you just came back to CA.

  6. e-jump says :

    @Brian: What, Amano had 2 days? Nuuuuuu!!!!!
    Anyway, my training ends by the end of October, so I will be back to Malaysia. Singapore is just below Malaysia, so I may drop by there.
    Since I already have USA Visa stamped in my passport, I may consider coming back if theres a possible interesting VA dropping by in any USA cons 😀

    @Aoshi: I ‘m planning to drop by Singapore for May’n, provided i that i did not get posted somewhere else for whatever reason at that time >_<

  7. Brian says :

    Ah, that explains it, the USA Visa.
    I’ll look forward to seeing you again next time you come back to NYC.
    Have fun in Singapore! (If you are going, that is ^-^)

  8. omo says :

    oh wow.

    You own Rie a really big one!

  9. Brian says :

    Don’t you mean ‘owe’ Omo? Got a bit confused, that’s all.

  10. omo says :

    oops, yes. but i guess he owns something special too.

  11. e-jump says :

    Yeah, I owe Rie big time for the autograph (゚◡◡゚ )

  12. kusakabemisao says :

    nice shot you got there for rie
    and omedetou for the autograph ><

  13. Darkdam says :

    I woke up at 4:30 just to line up, got there at around 6 am and was 7th on line and thank god I did. Well I live in NYC so it was easier on my part. But to come from CA just for her, you deserve your signed postcard.

  14. e-jump says :

    @Dd: It was an experience of a lifetime for me, travelling all alone from west coast on a foreign land. Well, it was a foreign land for Rie too.
    But meeting her in real life, one of my best experience ever.

    @km: well, i was lucky the pics turned out ok. I need to learn more on how to control my dslr.

    I will be leaving America on 24th Oct. If theres any interesting J-idol coming to any USA cons next year, I will consider coming back 🙂

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