Local event list updated

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Sup guys. Sorry for being missing for days /w no updates, as im busy with my job ;__; Anyway, I’m updating my event list for upcoming cons in Malaysia.

Malaysian Anime Manga Comic Game scenes in general are still growing. While we do have grand events like GACC and ComicFiesta annually with strong sponsors, other conventions may not have the same source of big sponsors.

So as a fan myself, I shall help making these small cons to get noticed on the internet. Oh well, I dont have lots of readers, but its a start :p I know the local event usually ends up as RAGE material with lots of MMORPG booths rather than anime/manga/merchandise, but we need to give them support by attending and have fun.

To make things easy, I made a small image banners and a redirect link to the event ads/post. For now, ACF and DangaWorld has been added to the list. Will update more later.


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One response to “Local event list updated”

  1. Tim says :

    Nice article… thanks for sharing….keep it up ^^

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