L.A. Subway : EZ Transit Pass

MetroLink ticket w/ EZ Pass

MetroLink ticket w/ EZ Pass

Woke up early yesterday morning, as I planned to catch the 1st train to Los Angeles, and again taking the public transport Metrolink.

It was a ronery Saturday for me as I head to Universal Studios alone. Yey to real life friends (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Irvine carpark complex

Irvine carpark complex

And it seems the local station has opened the roofed car park complex. I feel secured to park my car now with the security cams everywhere.

Once arrived at Union Station, was kind of lost in finding the Red Line subway heading Hollywood. And after seeking help at a nearby receprionist, I was explained that with Metrolink ticket that comes with EZ logo, you are eligible to ride the subway for free for the whole day. Now this is cool and convenient.

Redline subs

Redline subs

Subway train and station in L.A looks slightly different than in New York. In LA, the station is super clean and not hot. Below on the left is Union Station LA, and right is 42nd St. Station NYC.

Not only that, the seat orientation in the train too defers between LA and NY. (LA on the left)

Somehow I found out the trains in LA is not crowded at all as compared to in NY. Either the local got scared due to recent tragic Metrolink crash, or people in LA just dont go out on weekends.

Unlike Metrolink time schedule of 1hrs+ between trains, The subway has the interval of 12mins between each train. Anyway, it took me 30mins to my destination, Universal City Station from Union Station.

Universal City Station

In Malaysia, we do have trains and subway, but each of the lines are not connected at all. Also theres no such thing as special pass for all lines in a single pass.

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5 responses to “L.A. Subway : EZ Transit Pass”

  1. Brian says :

    Then again, NYC trains are commonly used since the trains connect nearly the entire Manhattan area which is more business than residents. Also the population of NYC is 8.2 million (highest in US) compared to LA’s 3.8 million.

    Do you remember the trains in NY you took? According to mta.info, travelers took a “rider report card” where they evaluate the trains they took. Almost all of them are in the “C” rank, and I rode on a couple of really messy trains. You never took the buses in NY did you?

    I did take the trains in Hong Kong before. If I remember, the trains there are formated the same way as the ones in NY and it was really clean but crowded, but that was over 6 years ago.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Brian: Yep, and NY subways are awesome, connecting almost everywhere on manhattan.
    I took the red-line mostly, while did get on the blue, yellow and orange. I wonder why the ranked C. I say NY trains are efficient and deserves B.
    The only bus I took was from/to LGA airport.
    If theres such system interconnecting each station in Malaysia, i’ll leave my car at home and travel on it anyday.

  3. Brian says :

    Well, from what I read, most of the reasons of those trains you mentioned where either due to waiting times (which can range even up to about 15 minutes), or the delays (which is common on the 7 Line/Purple Line). I’m guessing you got lucky or something, since you had no complaints, or you got to the station like a minute before the train arrived.

    Also, do you remember the construction outside of the Javits Center across the street? Apparently, more stations have been built underground allowing the purple line to reach up to the Javits Center, which will take I think 3+ years to finish. Originally the purple line ends at Times Square.

    (I wish they did that sooner. I live about 3.5 miles northeast from the last purple line stop in Queens. For me, most of Queens is just buses.)

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