Another shipment just arrived

And today I was greeted with a shipment package. Wonder what could it be..

Nope, not figurine this time, but a bunch of external mobile drives. Just got myself 3 500GB Western Digital passports. Tell you the truth, this is the 1st time ever I got myself WD drives.

Since they were offered at a good price by my provider, I grabbed 3. Now i have no reason to always bring along my heavy HP tablet >_< King of storage, do you have enough drive?

Currently i’ll be on figurine hiatus. No preorder no nothing. Im thinking to control my figure spending and save money to go abroad visiting International anime cons.

Oh, and I’m waiting for this Asuka customized by the people at e2046 :3 She’s based on Shunya Yamashita art style, but not by himself. e2046 crew is good. Dont think she will be available in PVC as Rei because this is not Shunya’s original art.

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5 responses to “Another shipment just arrived”

  1. Brian says :

    The good news is that those hard drives that Western Digital made require no installation, light in mass, and they are ready to be used via USB cable. I never saw the 500GB version on the market….yet (I saw a 320GB before, and I own a 250GB), but I’m guessing that the 500GB costs like $190USD.

    But why 3 hard drives? I haven’t even exhausted my 250GB yet, and I had it for about 8 months….(And mine’s did NOT come with a case, unlike yours I think)

    I’m curious how much you were able to get it for, since you did say that you got a good deal. (^-^)

  2. e-jump says :

    @Brian: well, almost all usb drives these days are plug n play, with no installation required. Making life easier.
    Yeah, this 500G is the latest released product and you guess right, its arround that price range.
    I took 3 of em because one for myself, and the other 2 would be for my sisters. Oh, i got it from WD employee store, because im an employee of them :p (no we dont get free drives)

  3. desudesu0 says :

    what are those colored packet thingies?

  4. optic says :

    u just said ur on a figurine hiatus? 😛
    I need to be like u and control my spending. ^^

  5. e-jump says :

    @Desu: i thought those were passport rubber sleeves, but it seems its for pasport pocket. darn. wrong order

    @Optic: yep, no figure for few months already. If i were to get one in future, probably alter yoko. still undecided yet

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