The time has come for me to leave USA

So this will be my final week living in California USA. It was a wonderful experience for me, to come here and work for few months

The experience living in a foreign land thats half the globe away from home alone can never be forgotten. To see by my own eyes the attractions of the world, stuff seen on TV and movies and such.

Not only that, but also the memories from my trip to New York and meeting few new friends, and Rie :3 I dont know if i will ever had the opportunity to come again. Considering how big the cons here and the invited special guest, perhaps in near future.

Anyway, I’m still busy packing up my stuffs. Darn too many stuff to bring back home. Everything in the bag on the top left are stuffs bought here, including the bag itself ( ¯3¯) My flight will be leaving on Saturday midnight.

Gonna miss USA  。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。


10 responses to “The time has come for me to leave USA”

  1. Panther says :

    Yeah dude, you enjoyed your time there and met Rie at least. Good for you and it is always good to get experiences overseas.

  2. omo says :

    NYC was happy to have you 😉

  3. e-jump says :

    @Panther: Yeah, meeting Rie was the luckiest thing I ever encountered. I didnt expect to meet her, while was expecting to check out Shoko-tan at AX 08@LA, but didnt make it.

    @omo: thanks for your company. was nice meeting you guys there. Had fun with rose story & chocolate tips 🙂

  4. Brian says :

    It was really nice meeting you at NYAF. Take care, and don’t forget us. 😉

  5. greendap says :

    Sucks that you are leaving, will you ever come back again? Sorry for not posting much, sometimes i get lazy. Hit me up don’t be a stranger. If you ever want to come to Miami,FL . Just let me know

  6. e-jump says :

    @brian: nice to meet you too. NYAF experience wont be easily forgotten, srsly.

    @greendap: well, since my task is done, im no longer needed here ;__;
    well, actually theres some kind of rotation where i need to get back and its my colleagues turn to come usa.
    Actually im the one supposed to say sorry for not mailing you guys. I should start archiving rie pics and send to you guys >_<

    If i were to be in the usa again, definitely will let you guy know.

  7. suneo says :

    ahh i didn’t read carefully about the circumstances of your stay here in the USa, I thought you’d be here for an indefinite period of time ^^;

    Well hope you enjoyed your stay (and from the sound of things you did)! Did you get enough of all the presidential campaigning? lol

  8. e-jump says :

    @suneo: heh, california was such a wonderful place. While i didnt manage to visit most part of it, but i enjoyed the places that i visited.

    At my place, the campaign aint heated up yet. Most likely it will be by this week

  9. Brian says :

    Funny, in my neighborhood, I barely see presidential campaigning being plastered around houses even during election day. Yeah, It’s that quiet. XD

    What I’m also impressed is that you dodged news about wildfire outbreaks in California. As long as you enjoyed your stay, that’s all that matters ^0^.

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