May’n Live VIP passes announced

May’n AFA’08 page has been updated, which include the information on VIP passes, May’n short promo video clip, and concert updates.

While the schedule for the concert has been confirmed to be on the 2nd day, Sunday at 7pm, the together with fan session has yet to be confirmed. And AFA has posted the stage draft layout on the seating(?) for VIP and normal pass holders.

Regarding the pass, please be aware that the normal VIP pass does not guarantee you a handshake and autograph session. If you’re a big fan of May’n and/or Macross, Diamond pass is the way to go. VIP passes will be on sale on Nov 1st.

*On the side note, I have safely arrived in Malaysia at 1pm local time on Sunday. Still have a lil jet lag. Glad to be home ( ノ´∀`)ノ

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14 responses to “May’n Live VIP passes announced”

  1. Brian says :

    Glad to hear that you returned safely :). I’m guessing roughly 16 hours of sleeping/boredom on the plane?

    Is S$ = Singapore Currency? If that is, then it should be about $80USD for a diamond ticket, but then again its really limited….

    Are you planning to get one? I really think that you should so you don’t miss out again, but then you have that job of yours…

  2. greendap says :

    Nice May’n tickets take lots of pics, if you go.

  3. e-jump says :

    @Brian: yp, it was a long trip. 16hrs LAX – HKG, 3.5krs HKG – KUL (MY).
    the 14hrs flight was not too shabby, with nice plan and loads of latest movies.

    S$ is indeed SGD (sngapore dollars). Still havent plan to get one. Not that im a super duper may’n fan. But let see my spending powa. I should apply leave soon and see what happens.

    @greendap: If i made it there, will shot lotsa pics.

  4. Rin says :

    Ejump!!!!!!GET the diamond pass!!!!!!!!
    We want to see you shake May’n hand!!!!!!!
    I would get it but I can’t fly over to Singapore at this time of year…sadly…

  5. e-jump says :

    @Rin: but its usd80 LOL.. get…or not get щ(゚Д゚щ)

  6. Brian says :

    Yeah, that is troubling to decide. You have like a day left before it’s on sale, and everyone will beat you to it if you ponder too long.

    In conclusion, GET IT!! Worry about your spending powa some other time!
    (OR, you have the another option of getting the S$68 -> $46USD regular VIP pass) 😉

  7. Panther says :

    E-jump dude, we got a post over at Team Blue asking for people who are going for AFA to meet up within or before the con. More details in IRC if you can make it there on mornings or nights our own time, when I am likely to be around.

  8. e-jump says :

    @Panther: Cool. I need to plan my routes for SG trip, as this is my 1st >_<

  9. Serene says :

    Oh.. My fren got the diamond ticket, so nice he can get hand shake and get some autograph from May’n o.O

  10. e-jump says :

    @serene: it would be better if we can snap pics while doing that. Still no info if its possible ;____;

  11. Squee says :

    Hey, like Panther said abt the Team Blue meetup, there’s gonna be a dinner on friday night and afaik the place you’re stayin @ is close to where the team is having dinner ^^ drop me an email (gyiqunsam [AT] if you’re able to make it.

  12. Squee says :

    yep it’s close enough to walk but I recommend taking a bus anyways lol

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