My recent hauls

Just to update my recent hauls that has been sitting home while I was away in California.

Not much of a haulings anyway. All 3 are from Play-Asia, and the most recent arrival was May’n Lion single CD which was yesterday. Kind of prepared for AFA’08 :3

Yeah, dented parcel. I’ve anticipated that so no heart crushing there. While my Blanc arrived in mint condition, my Houmei suffered slight box dent. She’s alright in there.

So far these are my Shining queens. They’re a mix of Kotobukiya and EyeScream. Nope, no Max Factory yet. I guess there will be a long photo session after this >_<


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6 responses to “My recent hauls”

  1. Potato says :

    U like shining wind a lot, huh?
    do you plan to buy any Odin Sphere sculpts?
    do you usually order from PlayAsia? are they cheaper than the other stores?

  2. Panther says :

    Shining queens. Zomg. New sequel.

    Play-Asia’s shipping totally sucks I have no idea why you still buy from them.

  3. Brian says :

    Shining Queen collection looks great.

    I’m quite curious, but do you have a list of sites where you bought your figurines?, well besides play-asia, and yesasia because my provider doesn’t know.

  4. e-jump says :

    @Potato: I dunnu. I started with Mao and Ryuna, and suddenly im collecting everyone щ(゚Д゚щ)
    So far im only aiming regular girls, not sure bout Odin sculpts. But i like T2 artworks btw.

    @Panther: lol shining queens.

    The reason i buy stuff from playAsia is because they offer free shipping to my country and I sometime have usd10 coupon lying around. PA prices are almost/slightly higher than HLJ/HS but with free shipping and coupon, PA ended up cheaper. If you’re a MISB collector, stay away from PA.

    @Brian: theyre actually Shining Tears/Wind girls, illustrated by Tony Taka. If youre in usa, to get cheap stuff from Play-Asia, HobbyLinkJapan or HobbySearch is only during sales.
    When i was in usa, i did tried AnimeUSA and OtakuFuel. Quite decent and reasonable.

  5. Brian says :

    My bad, mad sleepy. Thanks a lot.

  6. Swinny says :

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    it’s very useful.

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