I’m still alive, and ACF this weekend

Yes, im still alive. However I apologize for no updates for the past few(few?) days. So this weekend..

..I’ll be going to ACF. This will be my first outing since im back to my homeland. ACF is a new and the first(i believe) dual event per year in Malaysia, which is why this time its called ACF02 08. The first one was held way back in February.

Malaysian events are not as big as what in the States or even our neighboring Singapore had. But it serves as a good platform for beginners to test out their cosplay outfit ans skills before the grand events like ComicFiesta and GACC(early next year). As long i see huge amount of cosplays, im pretty much fine with it 🙂

Expect pics and coverage from me next week



3 responses to “I’m still alive, and ACF this weekend”

  1. Brian says :

    Have fun man, make sure you got all your stuff ready.

    So when are you leaving?

  2. e-jump says :

    @brian: ACF is just like 15miles from my house.

    If you mean Singapore for AFA, i’ll be leaving on friday noon. I will get on that/my plannings for it on my upcoming post 🙂

  3. Brian says :

    Yeah, I did meant AFA. Whoops.

    Still, have fun on both events. It’s good to support the lesser-known events, IMO.

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