No real ACF02 08 Day1 coverage from me

I could not review the overall ACF02 08 day 1 happenings because I only manage to arrive there around late 4pm.

It was not the best day for me today, with heavy rain, my car clutch repair got delayed and traffic jam (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

No cosplayers detected besides the one who is handling booths. This time the event area is super small. They changed the layout and location compared to previous same event. The number of participant booths reduced tremendously. Actually its a mix of good and bad. Good thing is that less MMORPG, while bad is that nothing much to see.

Arriving late almost 5pm, I only manage to catch the dance competition. For some reason here in Malaysia, almost every con has dance competition, mostly participated by breakdance and shuffling crews. Some of them are really good. (need to practice taking fast action shots ;__; )

Theres few booths opened varied from hobby items like figures and gunplas (in fact theres 3 booth on these LOL), fanarts, PC games, merchandise and also our local tankoubon artists booth Gempak Starz

Overall i got mixed feelings on this. Im still unsure if i’m going to attend day2. I hate traffic jams…….. Maybe i’ll go again to see these girls :3

Oh, just came to know that this event finally had an official site,


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7 responses to “No real ACF02 08 Day1 coverage from me”

  1. Aoshi says :


  2. Shin says :

    Eventually people start realizing these are nothing but promotional events for MMOs and other (mostly) non Anime/Cosplay related stuff.

  3. e-jump says :

    @Shin: this time theres more hobby related items. However we do not have Kotobukiya, GSC, Bandai and stuff as in Japan, and Funimation, Geneon, pinkpineapple etc as in the States.
    Aside from inviting guests from Japan, i dont see how MY events gonna grow big =___=” However i see fans here have yet to venture into having panel sessions. say wut?

  4. Quazacolt says :

    Nice coverage btw. even for a rather failed event. the most interesting part? the side cosplayers > the competition winner.

    Is it just me, or almost every msia anime event, the main event fails, but its actually ok in “your own little world” and in this case, penguin and that other meido (not sure if i know her, and even if i do, forgotten LOL) + TFM gang

  5. Quazacolt says :

    @shin: i lol’ed HARD at that. and even if ur gonna do MMOs, honest to god, why bother? theres always WoW to cockblock you. ROFL. i even ROFL more when people PAY MORE than they’d do if they play WoW to PURCHASE items in those shit mmo games

  6. Brian says :

    What time did you leave anyway, from both home and from ACF? It’s kinda unfortunate you had those problems, and I always thought you take subways. Strange, I know, heh.

    From what you’re telling, it looked like you really didn’t miss out on much, and I’m not surprised with how MMORPGs are popular in the eastern world that are enough to fill up booths.

    You didn’t buy anything did you?

  7. e-jump says :

    @Brian: I didnt take the subway because i didnt expect the traffic jam. I did a mistake right there =__=
    Yeah, for some unknown reason MMORPG is huge in this continent. Dont ask me why, as these was never my cup of tea.
    Nope, no items were bought. Monies has been saved for next week trip down south.

    I’ll be posting Day2 pics, although nothing much happened

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