ACF02 08 Day2, still long way to go

As day1 went, day2 was not much oh the happening. I arrived at the venue at around 1pm…

…and not much stuff happens until 3+pm, which was an autograph session with local artist/mangaka.

As expected It didnt manage to pull the right crowd in. Half of the crowd was made of random passerbys who went curious on whats going on.

Cosplayers starts showing up at around 4pm. While not many turned up, it was also my another ‘expected’ idea where most stayed home and prepare for AFA08 instead ;__; Less text, more pics coming right up.

Overall, ACFzero still have a long way to go. While they’re providing a platform on local artist to show and market their talent and cosplayers to try out being their own favorite characters, but this alone kind of difficult to attract large crowd. It needs more material to make the event have more activities. I think its time for local con to try having panel/tutorial session.

Its pretty much obvious we lack industry support because we dont have Funimation and such over here.

Oh well, this is why i keep attending these small cons, to help promote such events that has been going around, but yet to be noticed by related fans.


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5 responses to “ACF02 08 Day2, still long way to go”

  1. Brian says :

    I know this question seems odd, but is it possible for you to do some kind of volunteer work there? It would mean really well if you are trying to support ACF.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Brian: What kind of voluntary work do you have in mind?
    The thing is, im such a hikki, and dont really go out of my house and meet ppl unless theres such event. Well, i do know someone that may know the committee who runs these >_<

  3. Brian says :

    As in a hikikomori? Heh, You’re not the only one, even I still feel that way sometimes for like a bit over a year right now.

    Truthfully, I’m not too sure of what you can do, since volunteer was just a thought I just thrown out. I really wanted to say some kind of event organizer/planner, because it does look like you have ideas of what you want to improve on. Then again, I’m don’t even know if those guys even have a position like that available.

    Maybe the best thing you can do is ask that “someone” you mentioned.

  4. e-jump says :

    Well, after the taste of AFA next week, i hope our event organizers(who sent spies there) can learn a thing or two on how Otaku event should be had.

  5. Brian says :

    ……as long as they don’t plan on hosting events where they plan on throwing and juggling people left and right, then it’s fine. The worst thing they want is bad publicity, and you can try to input what you saw and experienced at AFA to them, both good and bad.

    That’s also the reason why I don’t go out much, unless I get accompanied by a friend and/or family. It’s too scary for me to get jumped and attacked from all directions on my own.

    (I still feel envious for your recently acquired Hydra model. I’m not much of a collector like you are, but it’s just that those models were ridiculously hard to get since they first came out.) LOL, I’ll get over it 😉

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