e2046 Garage Kits Super Promo sales

If you’re a garage kit lover, or a slight moral fag, you may know who is e2046.

Garage Kit is basically a sculp/statue made in resin and comes mostly unpainted. Fans are free to colour any desirable theme they like. e2046 is currently having two GK super promo sales, and 4 days to go

The reason why I highlighted moralfags to know them bacause of some hatred on limited WF kits that has been made affordable by e2046 in the past. I too agree that this may be consider a knockoff over original item.

However, e2046 has come out with a new lineup called ORI, where most sculpts under here are based originally from illustration. And from here, they introduced a prepainted Gathering lineup.

I’ve been eying this Asuka for quite sometime already. This was based on an original illustration by other illustrator in reference to Shunya Yamashita style. USD133 is a little steep for a 1/6 figure (coming from a PVC collector). However I’m still considering her :3

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3 responses to “e2046 Garage Kits Super Promo sales”

  1. Sora says :

    Even you’re considering her eh ? :3

    She’s delicious. ❤

  2. e-jump says :

    @Sora: She’s hawt and it cant be denied.
    I was never a fan of “Anta baka” related material, but this one is an exception.

  3. gordon says :

    asuka sure looks yummy.

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