AFA08 Day2, May’n’s organizers upsets the fan

To those who didnt went might wonder what happened, while those who attend the final concert might go wondering what went wrong the the super energy packed concert by May’n.

I’ll tell you what I feel as a VIP-Diamond pass holder. I felt cheated and being ripped off. Why you ask?

The VIP Diamond pass holder gets the special positioning for the concert, a hand shake session with May’n, and an autograph session. These last two session comes after the concert. The first two went great indeed, especially the concert but not the autograph session.

We heard rumors that turned out to be true that we VIP-D pass holders may not have the opportunity for our personal item, even only1, to be autographed. Bummer YES.

Turned out that the autographed material will be prepared instead. And we thought we may get it autographed by may’n in front of us. Wrong again, as it turned out that its pre-autographed. Understanding that May’n might be tired the performance, i’ll tolerate that.

But hold and behold, it was pre-autographed on a FRIGGIN WHITE BOARD. YES, FRIGGIN WHITE BOARD. WHAT THE FUCK???!!! I paid SGD118(USD80) and i get a friggin pre-autographed white board? Seriously usd80 is not a small amount, so why cant it be pre-autographed on a may’n pic/postcard etc instead, or at least Macross-Sheryl merchandise/prints? It doesnt need to be high quality glossy printouts, but white board?

I’ve learnt my mistake from my New York trip to NYAF 08 where i did not purchase the Tanaka Rie VIP pass, thus im not guaranteed for an autograph session on 1 prefered item. However after buying the VIP Diamond pass, i was slapped in the face by a pre-autographed white board.

(╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE

I am not sure to whom i should address my GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT, but i post it on my blog hoping someone who responsible for all of this may came across and read it, and maybe send it to AFA08 committee.

I am a sad May’n fan who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, although i know it may not be May’n’s fault, as she looks guilty seeing me got scolded by the organizers. If some of you are wondering who am I, I’m the guy who wore a Mokona-hat, and went up the stage begging May’n to at least draw a heart on my LION cd label (her side) with my marker pen.

I hope the management and organizers will take note that a STAR will be/remain a STAR when she’s keep on being supported by her happy fans. No this is not a threat, but just a rant from a disappointed fan.

—editted at 8am—-

And when I was heading for my bags down the stage near the VIP-D area, a big guy in suit pulled my shirt so hard that my cheapass Adidas dri-fit feels like it was about to get torn. Thanks AFA security for treating me like a stupid terrorist who just got his USD80 ripped. Not even an apology 😦

feel free to contact/drop a hate mail to me at ejump0(at) No I dont have may’n pics during concert. sorry.

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126 responses to “AFA08 Day2, May’n’s organizers upsets the fan”

  1. DS says :

    I may not have attended the fest but I can feel the feeling of being cheated as if I were still in singapore I would have also bought the diamond-full-O-liez ticket

  2. Aoshi says :

    Check out my opinion on Shrine tomorrow when i get back to KL.

  3. Darkwind was here says :

    Ouch. I feel your pain man… they should at least let the customers know in advance about this! (before selling them the tickets)

    and to be honest i feel that they cranked the volume too high for the concert tonight… her powerful vocals + high vol / reverb = ear pain…. from the VIP area i can see the audience near the sides wincing lol…

  4. misakichii says :

    You got scolded by the organisers? At the stage? What did u tell them?

  5. e-jump says :

    Its not really scold. More like a WARN. “No autograph”, with angry face.
    So i just STFU, walked down dejected ;__;

    Some people might think whats the fuss about her signature. But for me, her signature on my CD will mark it as super exclusive and will be well kept like my other collectible items

  6. kazearashi says :

    Yes I understand the meaning of an autograph in a CD, as I’m used to collect Idols stuffs as well…. D:

    That just suck, If I had bought one I will surely be in a rage mode too…

  7. houkoholic says :

    This is the standard signiture boards that nearly every single Japanese star uses to sign for their giveaway signitures. It is Japanese standard that they do not usually autograph items that people bring in, this is the rule in the industry. I’ve got about 3 of these boards from different artists myself.

    FWIW, white board signitures are worth MORE in Japan because one can read the signitures clearly (including the pen strokes, notice the paper are for these boards are very grooved, so it prevents faking too!) and to them that is worth more value than having an item signed or on a postcard (which can be easily printed), they even have special frames for these boards – that’s how it works here. You’re not being cheated, instead they gave you the best according to their value preception. It’s a cultural difference and I’m certain they are in no way trying to cheat you.

  8. Quazacolt says :

    my mission is accomplished. i passed my blog card to her XD

    regardless, the whiteboard autograph was still pretty BS

  9. Quazacolt says :

    houkoholic: ok, cultural difference, fine.

    however ejump said: “and went up the stage begging May’n to at least draw a heart on my LION cd label (her side) with my marker pen.”

    that isnt so much to ask imho. not even a signature. just a heart scribble. and it takes maybe a second or 2. now thats really disappointing.

    again, its not may’n fault, she happily accepted my card and even greeted some girl “happy birthday” AND! almost signed e-jump’s CD, or perhaps a heart scribble. but nope, asshat-manager says no.

  10. Disc-Co says :

    I only regret one thing: no photograph can be taken, meh….


    and to be honest i feel that they cranked the volume too high for the concert tonight… her powerful vocals + high vol / reverb = ear pain…. from the VIP area i can see the audience near the sides wincing lol…

    If you see the stage screen, its trembling when sounds coming out from the speaker.

  11. Soshi says :

    @Quazacolt: Well picture it this way, if she drew a heart or scribbled on e-jump’s CD, she’d be obliged to do it for every fan who went on stage. The organizers/manager probably just wanted to keep things fair across the board. No scribble for one, no scribble for all.

  12. Evangel_Lim says :

    I was the person who holding Sheryl Nome poster. May’n saw I’m holding the poster & shocked after she saw the “Deculture” banner at the back before she left the stage prepare for the autograph season, I’m sure she was happy with that.
    I specially bought the VIP ticket to watch the performance until the end & I rush to the backstage trying to ask May’n to sign on the poster, but I been blocked by the crew workers before I can reach my voice to May’n & the crew workers trying to pull me away.

    I told the crew workers by tell them that the DSLR camera in my front & my laptop at my back either 1 of them get ruin, they will be get in big trouble.

    They stop pulling me & I use this chance to bow on the floor like the Japanese did to get May’n ‘s attention. 1 of the crew worker said my action will made May’n scare & she wont be comming next year.
    Do you think May’n will comming again next year ? I dont think so, because this is my 1st trip to Singapore & it may also my last trip too.
    I’m not sure did the crew workers inform May’n about this, but I overheard 1 of the crew worker trying to make me leave by simply sign 1 autograph for me. God I started to get angry, even they asked me to pass the poster to him & he bought to May’n sign.

    I did not get myself up from the bow, but still continue bow at the floor. around 15 minutes later, 1 of the crew worker bring me a autograph which looks like May’n signature which you Daimond ticket guys have. Then I started to pack myself up & leave the backstage, but before I go, I bow again & said “Arigato gozaimashita”. This time, I just only bow & said “Thanks” but I dont know why the crew workers still trying to pulling me away. Arent this is a way to thanks a people when begging ?

    After I get the autograph, I check with my Daimond friends again & notice some diffrent between the autograph giving on the stage & I have.

    I cant said is a Real of Fake, but as long as the Autograph is really sign by May’n, than I will be happy with that, if that’s not signed by May’n, this mean I been cheated.

    Conclusion, I’m happy with May’n ‘s performance, but I’m not happy with the crew workers by stopping me been politely asking May’n to sign for me.

  13. houkoholic says :

    > that isnt so much to ask imho. not even a signature. just a heart scribble. and it takes maybe a second or 2. now thats really disappointing.

    Again this is a cultural difference. Japanese people values “fairness”; if one person ask for a heart scribble, that means the others are given the okay to ask for something as well because that would only be fair to everyone (and very unfair if only one person gets a special treatment while others don’t; even something as small as a heart scribble), and when the flood gate opens you can’t close it (someone asks for something, another demands equal or better etc and everything snowballs), thus the rules had been laid out a long time ago in the industry to avoid potential problems which could arise. These are standard manners that fans are expected to adhere to.

  14. Evangel_Lim says :

    IF the crew workers allow me to face to face talk to May’n, even she rejected that I will be acceptable, but for the crew workers, sorry I cant accept that.

    Anyway I’m still under analisys on the Autograph, I’m learning design, I may find out the answer in a short while.

  15. Quazacolt says :

    @houkoholic: its understandable if its a cultural difference. however, as you might’ve been aware, not everyone is aware of that, and the organizers should’ve taken that into account to provide a better explanation. so perhaps, some people, that expected something big out of the autograph and knew that its gonna be some crappy white board, just not buy the diamond vip in the first place, or not even come to AFA08.

    organizer’s problem, manager’s problem, or just plain cultural misunderstanding. one thing is certain that something could’ve been done (eg: explanation, like the one you gave) earlier, to prevent a whole bunch of angry/disappointed fans.

  16. keeth says :

    I am Chinese,I can not speak English very well……
    Do you have some big photoes of May’n? If you have, Could you send them to my e-mail? Thanks a lot.I can not bought the Diamond VIP. When I knew the festival, there is no D-VIP left. T T
    When the live is over,it’s too far for me to get good photos with my cheap camera.
    I also want to make friends with you.Could I have any way to touch you?
    Email and MSN is OK.
    I am in Singapore now.I will be a student of Animation and Game Desine.But now I am studying English.

    This is my artwork in AFA08,maybe you have seen it.

  17. tj han says :

    WTF, this Evangel Lim guy needs help, if what he says is true. PSYCHIATRIC HELP. Kowtowing on the ground?? Please have some dignity for yourself.

    Ejump, I personally think the white board looks far better than any crappy poster. 116 bucks is a lot though. I’ll never understand you people who chase after celebrities, wanting some sort of autograph. It’s like those F4/boyband fangirls.

  18. Evangel_Lim says :

    Well is up to you believe or not in this.
    I spend alots for this trip there must be something worth to get in return for what I spend for & the Autograph is the only thing which is valuable to me atleast.

    Well I dont care the Autograph is real or fake anymore, as long as I get what I wanted that will be enough for me to return my hometown.

  19. Soshi says :

    Evangel_Lim: I wouldn’t be surprised if there are inconsistencies with May’s’s autographs. I mean seriously dude, May’n’s not some photocopying machine – each one of her autographs are going to be slightly different from the next.

    And man, you should be grateful that the staff even bothered to do you such a favour. WTF, May’n isn’t obliged to answer to every beck and call. What is with this “I paid money for this so I am King” attitude?

  20. djyong says :

    Feel Sad for you bro… i thought this event really turn out nice for us otakus… but shit happens… Its a fucking rip i guess =(

  21. BaZhAnG says :

    Hey i was there on the Normal Vip Pass (SG$68) , i saw u holding a CD tried to let her sign your CD label, but got scolded by a guy on the right (was it?), but i was wondering.. why we can’t take photos? ANIKI’S concert we can take some, but why not hers?

  22. Timotei says :

    forgot to add in this, when May’n came back for her handshake cum autograph session, some people started to take photos, and then this bigshot saying that no photography is allowed , come on man… no photos during concert is ok.. but not even during the autograph session? and those media is allowed to take, why is this so? over-protective of what?

  23. jinx626 says :

    And i thought American anime fans were the worse…lol. Some of you fans are too demanding but i can understand some of the disappointment considering forking over cash to get into an autograph session.

    And yes I can also confirm what houkoholic said that when the Japanese go to autograph sessions of their favorite celeb they do NOT sign personalized items but give some sort of pre-signed item.

    Many of my fellow American anime fans were similarly disappointed to what happened to most of you of how “un-fan friendly” these star’s management team are. But that is how it goes and you got to play by their rules.

    For those that got an autograph just simply be glad you have something to remember the moment without suffering too much in waiting in line a line for simply a chance with no guarantee. When Aya Hirano, Chihara Minori, Yuki Goto came to Anime Expo a few years back i waited 5 Hrs in line on the first day for an autograph just to find out it was cancelled. Then next day i waited 6 Hrs and was turned down. Sure i was pissed but that is how it goes. Next time i just will have to sleep on ground like those hardcore fans that traveled all the way from Japan just to get an autograph and to meet them.

  24. e-jump says :

    Thanks houkoholic for the information. Im not sure if its true, but when I went to met Tanaka Rie and Masazaku Morita(sp?), they allowed fans to bring personal item for signings. Not only that, they prepared their pre-autograph merchandise too for lucky chaps.

    Well I understand what houkoholic and Soshi are pointing out. But this is my 1st to receive a white board. Maybe its a cultural difference, but i still prefer her to autograph my CD.

    @keeth: Sorry bro but I do not have pictures of her during performance. Btw, nice artwork there 🙂

    @BaZhAnG: Yep, the guy on the right had a word with me.

    @jinx626: Yep, i heard those too from fellow friends in line during my visit to NYAF. Sad experience.

    And like some of the others pointed out, why are we not allowed to snap pics even during her autograph session? Its understandable not to during performance for possible copyright stuff, but also NO during shakehands?

  25. Darkwind was here says :

    Thank you houkoholic for the explaination.

    Disc-Co < it sort of made the concert abit less enjoyable but getting to see her in RL and to hear her voice Live is still worth it.

  26. CEROthesis says :

    I think i’am going to get flamed but i think the boards were used to save time seeing how late it got during saturday’s concert. Although i think a white board is a rip off for $100 odd dollars . Did the manager give a reason for not giving sigantures on personal items?

  27. The Sojourner says :



  28. Ryo-Base says :

    Don’t be sad my friend. At least you got her autograph. ^^;

    But that look just some sorta doodle anyway.

  29. e-jump says :

    If they explained about the white board, it would have made things better. Because i had the idea it was piece of cheap stuff, unlike in Japan its a valued item

  30. Alto says :

    The Signature board is 100% exclusive real signature board (as what japan always use) brought by May’n and her manager from Japan. You guys who got the signature on the Signature board are among the lucky fans out from Japan.

    (from direct source) The reason why the manager won’t allow for items signature is, they might scared people will loose control and keep asking her to sign. Imagine 100 person X 1 items or 2, how may’n going to cope that and how long do you think you want your Diva to sign non-stop?

    Also, she purposely spend her time going through 100 autographs board and leave different messages on the board. I SAW THAT. Every pieces comes with different messages and this is her true hard work! AND IN ENGLISH!!!!!

    Please think about that.

    And I witness the hot-blooded fans from Penang (Evangel_Lim) who try to sneak to backstage and get May’n’s autograph. My personal advice, DONT EVER DO SO IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO RESPECT YOU. AND YES, YOUR SIGNATURE IS A REAL MAY’N SIGNATURE. AND DON’T TRY JAPANESE ACT IN SINGAPORE. IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL. Please respect all the crew before you expect people to respect you. Begging makes yourself looks bad and i don’t think may’n will be happy to see that. IF you have stand up and ask properly, the manager almost let you in. But too bad.

    My 2 cents.

    A loyal may’n fan.

  31. Kippei says :

    May’N is great but those not used to the japan industrial culture should be explained properly ~~~ Good thing I managed to see her real close during Changi Airport arrival when she walk past me

  32. SWATwolf says :

    oh this sucks. my fren got a VIP pass and I thought I could get her Macross Single and sign, turn out like this. Indeed I was planning to go to her concert and end up so disappointed 😦 I hope you feels better soon.

    I will be still be May’n fan! Screw those organizers

  33. aksuperdance says :

    Don’t be sad. She is great. I was touched by her songs.

  34. Setsuna-san says :

    so the white board wasn’t a kop out of the fan’s hard earned cash? well at least that has lessened my RAGE somewhat.

  35. VF25-J says :

    Considering the organizers sucks, how good is that for them to bring May’n to your homeland where in your lifetime, you might not even smell anything from her? unless you bought your RM 6000 Japan tour package to Japan and spot her among all the Japanese fans. And to get an autograph??? I don’t think so. Let just forget the hate and move on. There are million things waiting for you to do in this world. Don’t waste your time in deciding whose right and wrong. You willingly to buy the tickets and to the event. Rm6000 air tickets compared to RM 283.2 for diamond vip pass. You decide.

  36. Hittokiri says :

    I’m sorry to hear that you feel cheated. I’m more then willing to compensate you on the cost of this “cheap stuff” that you got. Of course it would require you to return all items from this.

    Let me just check with you on the numbers involved so we can come to an agreement on the amount of compensation to be returned to you. First lets just agree that all transaction will be conducted in SGD out of convinience.

    The total cost for the Diamond VIP pass was SGD118.
    Considering this amount includes the 2 days SGD8 pass for entry into AFA the amount left to compensate is SGD110.

    Now assuming you bought the Diamond VIP under the assumption that you are guranteed to be able to get a personal item signed by May’N as compared to VIP holders who were part of a lucky draw. The difference between these 2 ticket types is SGD50. Hence the compensation will be at this amount.

    I feel another deduction of SGD10 would be appropriate as compared to the VIP tickets. The Diamond VIP tickets allow you be within 5 metres from the stage. As such an adjustment of SGD2/metre is a fair number.

    I have decided to waive any charges for the experience of having to meet May’N in person and shake her hand as it is not my place to ask for returns on these matters.

    The final tally would be SGD40 = 116 – 8 – 60 – 10.

    I hope you agree with this monetary evaluation. You can email me to further negotiate on this matter. However I feel this is a fair offer. I am also willing to head to KL to collect this “cheap item” off you. If you wish to make this transaction. I am willing to do with the following exchange rate of SGD1 = RM2.40.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  37. Anti-odex says :

    I suggest you write in to the ST forum if you really want to voice out. And if it get published, the organisers will no choice but to give a formal reply. Let’s see how they will spin themselves out of it

    This is a most unusual and unorthodox practice by the organisers. Autograph on a white board means it can be erased or smudged very easily. Are those people even thinking? Probably it’s organized by a bunch of amateurs like Odex.

  38. firestingerx says :

    I feel how u feel…but Alto had a point..on all the efforts may’n channeled to all those signatures…however on the organisers’ part…y just a white signboard? Yes, Alto made a point that is the norm and it is from japan…but, being fans overseas who are not accustomed to that, the organisers could have anticipated that we’d be expecting more than that for the $118 paid for the vip tickets! (unless they went the extra mile of explaining about the actually-valued jap board…)

    at least let may’n sign just one personal item… (but then again, they may have their own “legal” reasons ><)

  39. IlNeMeSisIl says :

    You should feel really lucky for the fact that you managed to get a diamond pass. I had to settle for a VIP and it was worth every penny.

    I’d too, will be more than willing to compensate you in exchange for the “friggin white board”.

  40. luxies says :

    I don’t think the autograph can be erased or smudged easily. The white paper should be in a very good quality if I’m not wrong.

    Those with the diamond vip should be glad that they are able to get the ticket. There are many others that want it but can’t get it. May’n don’t get to come to singapore often. Maybe thats why it makes people so eager to get May’n’s autograph on their personal items as they wanted to treasure this chance. But those actions might prevent her from coming to singapore ever again. Getting to have a handshake with her should be more than enough for a fan. Be satisfied by what you are given and stop complaining.

    But then again, I do believe there are some diamond vip holders out there who treasure the autographs they are given.

    There are issues in the past where comments given by fans and others on the internet caused extreme stress on celebrities, even to the extent of suicidal. Be responsible and think before you say. In this case, before you make comments.

    p.s. sorry for the poor english

  41. Soshi says :

    @Anti-odex: Er, the “white boards” aren’t literally erasable white-boards. They are white cardboard/art-card boards. I hardly thing that the ink would smudge unless you got it wet.

    Frankly, the amateurs here are the fans, not the organizers or May’n’s management.

    @firestingerx: You do realize that it would be rather cruel for May’n to sign 100x personal items and shake hands right after her concert? Granted, they could have arranged the handshake session before the concert but that’s not the point here.

    As much as I think that the people who are complaining are, I shall put it bluntly, spoilt brats, I do admit that the organizers should have at least informed the Diamond VIP pass holders that personal items would not be signed because fans cannot deal with foreign autograph signing practices.

  42. blaze says :

    At least she put あふあ or AFA on her signature to make it AFA exclusive.
    Mine was あふあ
    Only 100 in the whole world.
    May’n 1st LIVE outside Japan.
    Handshake with May’n

    These make the signature quite worth it…

  43. gits_sac says :

    ‘Ultimate loser’ which I will be using to decribe some of you guys.

  44. wolfx says :

    To houkoholic and all those who claim the whiteboard is a standard practice in Japan….i call BS on you. I have checked with some friends in Japan and they are not agreeable to how we were treated in AFA 08 but also not very surprised on the outcome.

    It varies from event to event but generally, Japanese fans are given a choice between white placards and to bring personal items to be signed. And even if its white placards, they are signed on the spot by the celebrity, not something’s that is pre-signed.

    AFA08’s website even mentioned that Diamond pass holders will be given an “AUTOGRAPH & HANDSHAKE” session. Instead we were given “handouts” by the manager…not even by May’N herself.

    I suspect something happened during the event that the autograph session became a handout session. Maybe the organisers did not communicated well with the fans. I generally had a bad impression on the organisers as they seemed to be very condescending to people…even to ppl from the media like myself. Constantly being reminded “No photos and videos allowed”. We’re freaking media….and we’re supposed to bring back some photos. Well fine, its their event we play by their rules…but to be constantly be reminded about this every second I was in the VIP area with my camera holstered…it was getting on my nerves.

  45. wolfx says :

    >>(from direct source) The reason why the manager won’t allow for items signature is, they might scared people will loose control and keep asking her to sign. Imagine 100 person X 1 items or 2, how may’n going to cope that and how long do you think you want your Diva to sign non-stop?

    She’s a celebrity….and she has signed for 1000 fans in Japan during her live performances. I’m sure she can sign for 100 non-Japanese fans. I’ve also been to the Singapore Toy Convention where japanese designer for Gloomybear, Mori Chack, signed and took photos non stop for 3 hours!! He really loves his fans, and i don’t expect May’n to sign for 3 hours but the reason given above is not acceptable.

    This whole “Japanese culture” thing is a coverline for the real failures that caused disappointment, which are the organisers themselves.

    Also understand that to perhaps Singaporeans and other ppl, SGD118 is no big deal…but some ppl from overseas with lower currency flew down to Singapore and their disappointment was unwarranted. I also salute Evangel_Lim for his guts and I’m sure he has went through every polite and proper way of getting an autograph before resorting to kao-towing.

    Ichirou Mizuki in contrast was more approachable and one can even chat with him without feeling organising staff and managers are about to slap you on the wrist at the slightest oppurtunity.

  46. Soshi says :


    “AFA08’s website even mentioned that Diamond pass holders will be given an “AUTOGRAPH & HANDSHAKE” session.”

    You just shot yourself in the foot there, dude. Diamond VIP pass holders were indeed given an autograph and handshake. Where does it say on the site that the autograph will be signed on the spot or otherwise? If you want to nitpick, then hey there’s the other side of the coin too.

    No offense but so what if “we’re the freakin’ media”. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m part of “the freakin’ media” too, and I was given wrong information by the Committee.)

    You do realize that Ichirou Mizuki and May’n have different management companies. May’n’s company was probably a whole lot more anal about letting unauthorised photos and videos out into the wild. Not happy, take it up with them.

    “She’s a celebrity….and she has signed for 1000 fans in Japan during her live performances. I’m sure she can sign for 100 non-Japanese fans.”
    Different place, different rules. I’m guessing that the contract drawn up between May’n’s management and AFA08 was less than desirable.

    The Mori Chack example is bullshit. He’s effectively his own boss and doesn’t have a strict management company over him. He was at his booth all day and took all autographa nd photo requests because he made the call.

  47. turtle0411 says :

    U sux.

  48. VF25-J says :

    Can i buy your cheap white board too??? Start bid RM10

  49. Loba says :

    o.o cool it guys. At least you guys get to watch her from the front. I was right at the back and already happy enough to even listen to her live. Be content with what you get.

  50. qwer234 says :

    >And yes I can also confirm what houkoholic said that when the Japanese
    go to autograph sessions of their favorite celeb they do NOT sign
    personalized items but give some sort of pre-signed item

    white board signature seem more fake than those poster/fans personal signature thing to me..i wonder who can imitate/paint signature on those thing since it is so real and no people have other complete same copy include the whole item which get signature.

    Even for GACC that held in Malaysia, Masakazu Morita (seiyu for Ichigo Kurosaki ) and Toru Furuya (seiyu for Amuro Ray) allow signature on fans personal thing like poster, DVD, figure. And this GACC no any entrance fee and free to all people…

    i think this is the AFA08 serious management problem which they need to overcome…if they want to held it at next year…and please invite more anime seiyu and not the singer only. I just little disappointed why they no invite Megumi Nakajima and Aya Endo too…no budget?

    example of lucky person who get signature on sight, notice the fat guy with orange T-shirt. I think he go to meet those superstar and get their signature on sight…not like those who buy VIP-Diamond pass and get a like fake signature board.

  51. wolfx says :

    >>”You just shot yourself in the foot there, dude. Diamond VIP pass holders were indeed given an autograph and handshake. Where does it say on the site that the autograph will be signed on the spot or otherwise? If you want to nitpick, then hey there’s the other side of the coin too.”

    The dictionary meaning of an autograph is a signature/writing of one’s own name. As fans, the only way we can verify that it is indeed an autograph is if the item is signed in front of us. Otherwise, its just a signed white board. I personally do not doubt the authenticity of the whiteboard but giving a pre-signed item when promised an “autograph session” is just messing with the fan’s expectations.

    >>”No offense but so what if “we’re the freakin’ media”. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m part of “the freakin’ media” too, and I was given wrong information by the Committee.) ”

    So what if we’re the freakin media? I’m expected to be treated with professionalism and not like some random eager fanboy who doesn’t listen to instructions. I know the PR ppl are having problems with over-eager fanboys infiltrating the “media” but they don’t have to treat all of us like we are over-eager fanboys.

    >>”You do realize that Ichirou Mizuki and May’n have different management companies. May’n’s company was probably a whole lot more anal about letting unauthorised photos and videos out into the wild. Not happy, take it up with them.”

    That’s not the point. The point is ppl are championing this injustice as “its normal in Japan” when its not. I don’t care if May’N’s company is more anal or not…but this expectation should be set from the get go by the organiser. As can be seen on the blogs, alot of fans were disappointed by false expectations of an autograph. If it was known they were gonna be given a pre-signed hand-out….i doubt there will be much anger (or much Diamond VIP passes sold).

    >>”Different place, different rules. I’m guessing that the contract drawn up between May’n’s management and AFA08 was less than desirable. ”

    Then they should’ve noted it down from the start on the website. Example: “Diamond Pass holders will be given a pre-signed whiteboard and a handshake with May’N.”

    >>The Mori Chack example is bullshit. He’s effectively his own boss and doesn’t have a strict management company over him. He was at his booth all day and took all autographa nd photo requests because he made the call.

    The example was given to counter Alto’s direct source which claims that May’N can’t sign 100 signatures. That’s the bullshit, not the example. If they were so worried about fans asking more than 1 item to sign, they could enforce that rule rather than no items AT ALL.

    I personally didn’t pay for my Diamond pass and I was glad I didn’t since it was sponsored by the organisation I represent.

  52. AK says :

    If you ever wanna console yourself with May’N pics,

    I’d rather have this than any of her autographs, man. SRSLY.

    BTW, wanna do a blog link exchange? LOL off-topicness.

  53. VF25-J says :

    “I personally didn’t pay for my Diamond pass and I was glad I didn’t since it was sponsored by the organisation I represent.”

    I think AFA will make sure your organisation doesn’t exist in their festival next year with your great opinion. I think before anyone judge anything, they should one understand the process and the rules. You can’t control how and where you’re born, same as in order for the organiser to bring in May’n, they have to obey the Japanese rules. I don’t think you understand. Nvm. 🙂

    “don’t care if May’N’s company is more anal or not…but this expectation should be set from the get go by the organiser. As can be seen on the blogs, alot of fans were disappointed by false expectations of an autograph. If it was known they were gonna be given a pre-signed hand-out….i doubt there will be much anger”

    They might be making a mistakes of oversee YOUR EXPECTATIONS over this issue. Some people need to be bad guy sometimes. But you need to thanks the organiser for bringing in them as part of the highlight of the event. Don’t keep scolding people and never think of the good side of them. Without this event, you will never even smell a shit from May’n.

    I think you guys just indirectly saying ” MAY’N, YOUR SO STUPID TO PRE-SIGN THE AUTOGRAPH AND GIVE US. PLEASE OBEY US AND SIGN OUR CD. WE DON’T WANT YOUR STUPID AUTOGRAPH ON THE BOARD.” What? You think you;re applying a new ID that need to see her sign on the spot to say that is real signature?

    My two cents.

  54. PAK LAH says :

    Lu orang memang senang jaga orang lain punya pasal. Jagalah besok ada wang pump petrol lah! apalah!

  55. Anjerasu says :

    Dude I really felt your pain man, I was one of the media guys (carrying a Miku Figma) and I was checking out how things went. I was like,”WTF a white board”…dats like getting marker on my chest or something. You know I felt if I paid so much money, I would go, damn you cheap people. No offense it was a spectacular event but the best they could actually do was give out a sign poster or CD/OST of macross-f. Makes more sense than a white board.

  56. lostyeow says :

    Point is,

    “RickRolled by Organiser”

    Those May’n fans out there whose been justifying the ‘give white board’ process, we all know it ain’t May’n’s fault just the false hope the organisers given to the fan prior to the event. I’m sure this is an act of misrepresentation.

    May’n’s performance wasn’t even qualified as a ‘Concert’. No doubt she’s a really great singer and performer but the whole presentation that night doesn’t come close to a ‘Concert’s’ standard.

  57. e-jump says :

    AFAIK, Tanaka Rie is also a Japanese artist, but she came to NYAF, and signed on fans items. She even had her pre-autograph on postcards. How is she so different from May’n? And yes, I went to New York and met Tanaka Rie.

    And no VF25-J, if you read my post properly, I never say she’s stupid, but RAGEd on the organizer/whoever in charge on the white board thing. Since houkoholic has explained on it, RAGE level goes down.

  58. houkoholic says :


    I call BS on your call of BS?

    Look, I *live* in Japan and I’ve gone to numerous events here. Here’s one of my report for a event – Chihara Minori’s (seiyuu of Nagato Yuki of Haruhi) signing event:

    Oh look! It’s a freaking white sign board! The HORROR.

    I also have white sign boards from Shimokawa Mikuni (the singer of Full Metal Panic theme songs) and Chiba Saeko (another seiyuu).

    As for Tanaka Rie being more open – that’s her management’s choice to be more open, which is not the norm here in Japan. Also I hate to say this but the American’s do have it better than Asians because of “white power”, where the Japanese always like to be more generous towards the white people (or their country), and in times even acting way more generously than the events here in Japan. If you’re not happy with that, curse yourself for not being born white and in America.

  59. wolfx says :

    Well you probably didn’t know you had the choice to bring your own items did you? Did you even try to get anything personal signed? Well suppose you could only get the whiteboard, your whiteboard was signed on the spot and personalised. Like I already mentioned in my post you had the choice, and even if its the whiteboard, they sign it in front you. Its not a pre-signed handout. “Normal In Japan” is an excuse by people who don’t know what’s exactly normal in Japan.

    And now a new card is brought up…. white ppl get it better? LOL. To sum up excuses made that defend the whiteboard handouts:

    1.) Its Normal in Japan (when its not)
    2.) May’N can’t sign 100 autographs especially after concert
    3.) May’N’s management wanted to control the crowd to get only 1 item signed.
    4.) White people have better autograph priveledges. Asians sux.

  60. houkoholic says :


    There is NO choice. The norm is getting signboards *unless* specified when the event is allowed to have personally brought in items signed in signing events, and these are usually very rare.

    I never tried to defend them having the board pre-signed – I was always focusing on the usage of a white board, so I’m not going to discuss the pre-signing bit. Although even in Japan they do have “watarikai” (I’ve been to a few myself as well) which is essentially events where they just give out pre-signed boards and items as well, so it is also not out of ordinary or them being cheap to the fans in Singapore only.

    As for white people, white people do get it better at their events. I’ve been to hundreds of events and concerts -big and small- here in Japan and not one of them allows photography for example. Now compare that to even AFA or even look at Tanaka Rie’s attendence in NYAF and where people just kept shooting pictures of her and posting them and having stuff signed, to the point that management knew that people where doing so and asked whether they can have these photos for themselves. Did you know that Tanaka Rie also been to Taiwanese anime convention for 3 times already and people there get’s *none* of that privilage or acceptance of such acts? You can’t even find any candid shots of her appearance for Taiwanese anime convention because they were strict with photography and videos. Whereas you go on Youtube and type Tanaka Rie + NYAF and you’ll find at least a handful of Tanaka Rie singing. If it was in Japan or other Asian countries where they are upholding their “no photos” rules and you were caught you would’ve had the camera taken and memory wiped on the spot. As foreigners you are already getting better treatment than some of us here in Japan (look at photography example), and that white guys and white countries usually gets it even better is just a mere extension of that. Heck even in Japan I sometimes get special treatment from the seiyuu just by mentioning I’m a foreigner. I KNOW what foreigner power is like to the Japanese and I myself have abused it many times to get special treatment.

    Finally, its’ funny you are the one claiming to know what is the norm via second-hand information that you’ve obtained from “friends” from Japan, when I’m the one who’s being here in Japan for more than 5 years and had continously blogged about such events. I wonder who has the actual experience to say about such things?

  61. abc says :

    Hey wolfx,

    u did not even paid the $ for the mini concert, sponser by your organisation
    and yet talk a lot of shit.
    May”N ‘s company want to set this rule then just follow it.
    talk so much crap for what, get your signature not happy, then give to other ppl.

  62. kokanaden says :

    $118 to read the fine print more closely in future seems to be a rather cheap lesson, compared to the old grannies and uncles who lost all their cash from not reading/clarifying about the fine print in the ongoing financial crisis and buying into those so-called “guaranteed” bonds.

  63. wolfx says :

    >> I tend to rely more on 2nd hand information from multiple people i actually know rather than alleged 1st hand information of someone on the internet. Not to diss you or anything. And as far as i am concerned, my information and your information on “normalcy in japan” is more or less in line with each other.

    I’m glad you can keep civil in this shitstorm so I hope you’ll take me from a civil standpoint as well. Fact of the matter was fans was promised an “autograph session” despite whatever is the norm in Japan. Handing out a pre-signed whiteboard was in no way an autograph session no matter how you slice it. Based on Elliot Danker’s site, AFA director Shawn Chin said they tried his best to secure a proper autograph/photograph session but May’N’s management was not agreeable to it. Thus the expectation was set for the autograph session that did not materialise. It was only proper of them to either inform the Diamond pass holders of this and to offer a full refund if they wanted it.

    Note: I understand about the no-photography rule as I have also been to Japan and have been stopped by Japanese ppl from taking photos many times so I wasn’t really bothered of this rule. It was also stated on the site beforehand that no video/photography allowed during concert so I’m fine with it as well.

    About white people, well…i’ll take your word for it as I also have some suspicions they get it better. I just wished you didn’t made it sound so condescending for non-whites in the earlier post.

    I donated the whiteboard to the organisation i am representing. I don’t talk sh*t. I talk facts.

  64. Evangel_Lim says :

    I did stand up & ask properly using Japanese language but the crew workers dont understand what am I saying & pull me away.
    I know May’n saw me that time before the Interview Room’s door is close.

    Well I get the signature, I dont regret for what I did, because this is my only chance, there wont be another chance to attend her concert anymore.

    P/S: I’m going in the backstage “brightly” but “sneaking”

    Thanks for the salute, the effort I spend on this is worth then the money spend. May’n ‘s signature will be place on my room along with the poster I printed.

  65. Quazacolt says :

    VF25-J: rules blah blah, fine. a small courtesy to INFORM the people of said rules, a hard thing to do? i think not. before firing people for not being understanding, i suggest you take a good look at yourself beforehand.

    “Don’t keep scolding people and never think of the good side of them. Without this event, you will never even smell a shit from May’n.”
    thats reality. first day into it?
    people tend to focus more on the bad side of things easier than the good side, it may take you 10 good job done, to even get a small appreciation, but a small mistake could cause yourself fired.

    “I think you guys just indirectly saying” <– you think? so suddenly YOU can have YOUR opinions while we cant?

  66. Quazacolt says :

    houkoholic: while i can understand your explanations of different culture and its all a misunderstanding. what you fail to realize is the organizer/management part in NOT letting us know, or having it CLARIFIED properly to US fans that DOES NOT know of the culture thing and EXPECTS a normal autograph * SESSION* keyword(s): “autograph” “session”

    go ahead on your crusade to defend this “cultural difference” thing and even now bringing in “lolwhitepowah”, but before you dig deep and make yourself a laughing stock, do realize what we’re actually raging/talking about before going on the “you all stoopid no know culture and blame may’n bla bla bla”

  67. The Sojourner says :



  68. Shin says :

    Cool story bro.

  69. e-jump says :

    aww c’mon sojo, and others. I paid for it, and i was expecting something more. It was houko who explained the white board thing, not the organizers.
    However to other cons I went, I do not see this white board thing even the artist was from japan.

    Stirring shitstorm by calling me/upset vip-d holders losers?.. sigh…

  70. Loneraven says :

    guys guys… y so serious?
    chill already… wat’s done can’t be undone…

    be thankful that ur one of the candidates who has the privilege to go out there to get handshake and autograph (be it pre-signed or post-signed)…

    i understand u guys paid USD89 for that and u didn’t get wat u expected… i do feel disappointed myself, but getting a pre-autoghraph, dun u tink it’s better than nuthin?

    dun u tink that being able to see may’n face to face live at concert, dun u tink it’s like a dream come true thing already? I mean, Sheryl Nome flew all the way from her hometown far far away all the way here to perform just for u guys…

    for me, being able to see may’n live is more than enuff already… autograph and handshake is jus bonus…

    i won’t blame anybody here, so if u guys think i dun understand ur feelings, feel free to stone me to death… wat i said is jus mah 2 cents…

  71. The Sojourner says :



    I am simply an ugly scavenger who relishes at viewing the ruins of this dorama; you might mistake my faggotry as an act of mockery towards your feelings, but you are wrong if it is the case. It is easy for people, who are on the other ‘side’ of the debate, to simply laugh at you since you are the one who is voicing out your thoughts openly, but I am not.

    However, I do express dismay towards the immature behaviour of some fans, which is not justified even what you people got was not what you had expected. Expressing disappointment is different from being a big crybaby, and remember I am not accusing you of being one, this is an general accusation at those who were ‘raging’ without reasoning.

    Finally, if the Diamond Pass Holders ought to feel scammed, then I should be feeling that way as well since I had purchased one of those.

    Oh yeah. Just like what Shin said: Cool story. Let the shitstorm continue. Brb with popcorn and coke.

  72. Jojo says :

    evangel> the loser part comes when you start bowing dude. I don’t think May’N wants to talk to you. hell what normal girl would?

    Wake up; May’N is a celebrity. You guys are just folks she generates money from.

  73. Rin says :

    Ah, that must suck…
    I would love to get my stuff signed in front of me then being handed out.
    Also getting it signed infront of me tells me it’s a real autograph…
    Well, jap guests that comes to conventions here in Canada, we all get a photo with them, hug/hand shack and autograph that is signed infront of us.

  74. qwer234 says :


    addon…she is just a small celebrity before she has the chance to sing the song of macross frontier..if she is Aya Hirano, i can understand why her company so protective…but i dont understand why have so many restrict rule for May’N…it just a right time for a new singer / superstar to rise their popularity at the begining of their singer life, not make her fans unhappy and disappointed..i not mean it is May’N fault, but it is her company problem and AFA08 management fault of not inform their customer who buy their ticket deserve to get what the company promoted.

  75. Aoshi says :

    I myself was rather surprised by how things went during the May’n Live. While i know you guys LOVE to nitpick over the fact that, “it didn’t say that she would give out pre-signed autographs and neither did she say she wouldn’t” , i think it would’ve been better if something was said in the website or on the press releases.

    As an accredited media that covered AFA08 i can’t pass judgement as that would be unprofessional but it is in my own opinion that some things should’ve been stated beforehand.


    Because people expect as much when you tell them what they should expect. if you say autograph and handshake, i would naturally assume it would be a personal, there-and-then signed autograph, not a presigned autograph.

    If you said presigned autograph, i will be expecting a presigned autograph, not one personally signed on-the-spot. It’s how we interpret this line that makes the difference.

    So enough of the name-calling, which itself is already a sign of immaturity, and let’s give some breathing room, okay? I am not availing myself to any side, but on one hand you did pay SGD118 and on the other hand, you DID get an autograph.

  76. qwer234 says :


    not mean to offence…but i don’t agree to your point… pay SGD118 for one presigned autograph ? It is like you pay money to buy a NEW car, but at the end you get a second hand car…it is the right for us to defend our consumer right. AFA08 management not even mention any little refund(not full refund) for the diamond VIP pass holder and they say not their responsibility for not inform those people before they buy the pass about the presigned autograph, and futhermore they declare it is japan CULTURE…omg

  77. Jojo says :

    qwer234> You didn’t just pay 118 for an autograph. You had front row seats to a concert. It wasn’t a second hand car dude.

  78. VF25J says :

    🙂 Continue. Be angry.

    Wolfx: Yeah, maybe i am oversee some remarks i made. But lets just forget it and move on. e-jump understand how things works now and hopefully we all live in peace and harmony. Anime scene already quite small here, don’t make us looks ugly even more and there is no more AFA in the future.

    Shall we all learn from mistakes and hopefully the organizers saw this and improve and meet everyone’s expectation in the future. AFA is the first even of it’s kind and obviously they need to learn and learn to improve. Give people a chance and be thankful. I guess they oversee a lot of things as well. For those who like to spend more on concert in the future, make sure you spend it willingly.

    RM400 to see Jay chou at stadium without the signature cards and not even can smell him. You decide.

  79. kokanaden says :

    Next time please ask the cynical bastards at RIUVA, they provide you with all the cynicism of such stuff in SPADES.

    Then you’ll know what’s worth it, and what’s not. Now tjhan has this permanent “i-told-you-so” smirk on his face, because he has been going on about it on his blog but no one noticed, or bothered.

  80. qwer234 says :


    if they no offer autograph…i think i will just stand at normal ticket place…since i not so crazy on her.

    and Jay Chou? Sorry but i not interested on him and i will never to spend RM400 to see him. I read his news on newspaper is better, no need waste money to get headache.

  81. qwer234 says :


    and the description of autograph as second hand car…yes it is right. I not even know it is fake or sign by others but not May’N. The first hand that touch the autograph after sign, is not my hand but is others hand…So if not second hand, is third hand or forth hand?

  82. Gambonitis says :

    awww… shut up and quit whining, bitches

  83. Jojo says :

    S118 for an autograph.. man; u deserve to be suckered.

  84. qwer234 says :

    dont misunderstanding…i not say S118 just for one autograph, what i mean is autograph (not presigned ) + VIP seat = worth for S118. Other than that, not worth to pay S118. Who want one autograph that need to pay s118? Except the autograph board is make from gold or my salary is count in united kingdom pounds.

  85. firestingerx says :

    oh well…i guess we can say that the management should have been more clear on whether may’n can sign personal items or not…

    i didn’t get the autograph btw…so, to get a diamond VIP ticket is considered lucky already ^^

  86. sesshomaru_haku says :

    Meh. Nice shitstorm…and we wonder why the general population thinks of otaku as retarded twats.

    Nice entertainment tho. 😀

  87. houkoholic says :

    > Quazacolt

    Obviously you don’t even understand what “cultural difference” means? The problem as clearly demonstrated here is that the different cultures has different expectations and people on both sides take them for granted – it is happening on BOTH sides.

    The overseas fans are used to having their own stuff signed at events (not talking about anime, even the general celebrities), so they unconciously think that is “the norm”. Whereas in Japan their celebrity culture is they don’t allow this type of behaviours so they think what *they* do is the *norm*. This is what cultural difference *is* – taking things for granted and think what they do don’t need explaining because it is “common sense” to their own culture while in reality it isn’t the case elsewhere. Neither side is wrong per say (and I never claimed that to be), it’s a failure to understand the other side’s expectation – Am I defending them? No, as I’m merely pointing out the facts here that in Japan, they do things this way because their values and rules are different.

    International events like these are filled with cultural differences in organisation, on one side you have the fans thinking they got cheated (like here) and on the Japanese side they think the overseas fans have bad manners and no respect for rules. Is either side wrong? No, merely a difference in culture, just like something as simple as slurping is considered rude in a Western restaurant but eating in silence in a ramen shop in Japan is rude. That’s what cultural differences are.

  88. DarkMirage says :

    Regular seiyuu/anison concert tickets in Japan cost around 6000-7000 yen, which is about 100 SGD, and you have to win a lucky draw just to receive the chance to pay for one or two tickets. There is no such thing as guaranteed autograph. The fact is that Japanese concerts operate under much stringent rules and from May’n’s manager’s perspective, the arrangement was perfectly fair.

    AFA organisers were also under the impression that personal items would be allowed for the autograph session, unfortunately that was not to be. The fact that they didn’t anticipate this is due to inexperience, and not a malicious intention to rip you off.

    Also, as houkoholic (who is well known online as the reigning English-speaking expert on seiyuu and idol topics) has mentioned, the signature board is not that as terrible as you think it is. It’s quite standard in fact.

    It is unfortunate that certain things were not clarify beforehand, but this is the organizers’ first time so you can be sure that improvements will be made in the future.

  89. qwer234 says :

    Please don’t compare yen with SGD or MYR…Japan standard of living is higher than us, even a lowest grade public school teacher can get salary about 156500 Yen per month = 2479 SGD = RM 5950 (= . =|||)

    Malaysia lowest grade public school teacher only can get about RM 1200 – RM2000 per month, it is big different. Plus, 6000-7000 Yen is just only a price for 1/8 PVC figure…In japan, normal expense for breakfirst + lunch + dinner = ( 500 Yen * 3 ) = 1500 Yen per day. If compare to Malaysia, RM 5 * 3 = RM 15 per day. Do you think RM 15 = 1500 Yen ?

    Ok…it is organizer’s first time for this kind of event…let hope next year will have more improvement…and i do hope that those figure company (not Bandai ) will official set their booth, not just like only send their representative to AFA.

  90. actar says :

    Again, I say that it probably wasn’t her fault. Sometimes, managers are the ones who are strict.

    I also highly recommend getting a media pass for next year’s con. Most bloggers did that and managed to attend the press conference.

  91. niciopicolo says :

    i am happy at normal vip zone,it was an surprised that i can entered vip zone with my media pass.

  92. Exiled_Gundam says :

    Huhu, I do think that whoever comes from foreign countries should follow/adapt to the culture of the country they went to. If AFA was held in Japan, I think all of these complaints will not arise, but since it was not, heh…
    IINM, almost all businesses who have branches in foreign countries will adapt to the culture of the country where the branches were located, so I don’t see the reason why management of foreign artists can’t do it also.
    Like a saying, “If you’re in Rome, do what the Romans do”

  93. e-jump says :

    Well, im a salaryman. Its true that bad currency exchange rate hurts my wallet, but my early rage was because i dont know all about the shikishi thing, and the culture difference.

    @actar: well, getting media passes just for that makes ‘media passes’ less valuable. Its like everyone can apply for one as long they stir enough shitstorm on their blog and getting high blog hits.

    I for one do not see my blog even qualify for media-pass in the 1st place.

    Some suggest me to pull down this post, but i still think that future organizer/fans should at least take notice on this to avoid possible miscommunication/misunderstandings.
    And no, i didnt post all this for entertainment and drama.

  94. reasonablyforeseeable says :

    I probably come in a bit late on this. But eh chill guys. It’s just a japanese artist. She’s not god, or the cure to cancer, or someone who’s going t give you money.

    Kowtowing? Okay you’ve spend a bunch of money to get there, so you’re going to throw your dignity away too? It’s just a signature. The reality of it is that the signature itself is worth nothing. It doesn’t even means she knows you, or much less cares about you. To her, you’re just a generic fan, whom I sure she appreciates, but thats about it. Getting a signature won’t change any of that.

  95. bj0rN says :

    Just be happy with what you have already I guess.. She doesnt even have any autograph sessions back in the land of the rising sun.

  96. qwer234 says :


    haha…at least those fans in Japan still have big chance to have autograph sessions in future BECAUSE May’N is stay and live and work at Japan. Do you think May’N will come back at next year AFA? or future? Think about the possibility of she coming back to singapore…and think about why they AFA organizer only can invite May’N come to AFA08 and no other japan seiyu or singer.

  97. Quazacolt says :

    have you actually read my msg? why are you even harping on “cultural differences” when that is no longer the issue anymore?

    furthermore claiming “cultural differences” being “common sense”? wow, sinking to a new low? i mean, how would a person know say, japanese people, and their culture, if they didnt read up info about it? suddenly its common sense now right? rofl

    and what you said is perfectly fair, same goes even for houkoholic.
    what isnt fine is when houkoholic started his cultural crusade. all that said, i agree with ur post pretty much. i mean, it is disappointing, however after knowing the whole culture thing, and the fact it is the first AFA, theres bound to be some errors here and there. no one is perfect.

  98. Quazacolt says :

    lol i think most, if not all of us know that may’n was kewl. “yakuza-manager” beside wasnt so kewl though LOL

  99. houkoholic says :

    @ Quazacolt

    I’ve read your message, it is YOU who don’t understand.

    The point I was making, which went totally over your head is that the organisers on both side didn’t think it was necessary to explain the difference because they never thought there was a difference in the first place due to *cultural differences*. If you actually got my restaurant analogy you would have understood this perfectly without calling what I said a “cultural crusade”.

    I’m going to explain the analogy again, look at the restaurant one to start off with. In Japan, the “common sense” while eating in a ramen shop is to slurp as loud as you can, whereas the “common sense” of eating in a Western restaurant is that slurping is consider bad manner. Yes people don’t actually know this stuff because they don’t read about it and just assume what they do, in their own home country, is going to be universially acceptable in everywhere else in the world, as you yourself has said! Therefore “common sense” to a Japanese person (in this case slurping while eating) is not only not “common sense” to a Westerner, but instead a total opposite of table manner. The same thing is happening here – the AFA organisers and Japanese management clearly thought there was no need to explain the rules because that’s how both side does things in their own cultural and they wrongly assumed that everyone else does it the same way – AFA (and fans) most probably thought that the people who bought the passes will be able to get their own things signed, as per most Western style of celebrity events goes, whereas Japanese management thought that they would give out signboards, as per Japanese style signing events, and in the last minute this decreptancy – this false assumption based on one’s own “common sense” (but turns out to be culturally different!) – is what caused all the misunderstanding – just like if an Japanese person who doesn’t know Western table manners would do if he started slurping louding while eating his soup in a restaurant and wonder why people would look at him strangely!

    Every country is filled with these “common senses” which are totally alien or doesn’t even make sense to a foreigner, that is what “cultural difference” is. If you don’t understand this, get out more.

    And btw, Darkmirage agreed with everything I said, so you stop your own crusade or whatever that is on.

  100. Cameron says :

    Assuming that Evangel_Lim isn’t just making it up, that’s the most disgusting fan behavior I’ve ever heard of. I don’t know why they didn’t just have security pick you up and fling you out. There’s nothing worse than a rabid fan who believes that they alone, amongst thousands of other fans, are entitled to something from someone they don’t even know. Way to make every other fan look bad.

    As for the whiteboard thing, at least houkoholic has some common sense.

  101. Ryvius says :

    Sorry, girl is fug… Her management doesn’t want people to get too close to her, in case anyone is frightened by seeing her up close. Where the fuck did the Galactic fairy go?

  102. e-jump says :

    @Ryvius : Not sure if you’re complaining bout dental plan or just trollan, but she’s pretty much looks fine.

  103. Quazacolt says :

    How understanding are you when the issue is already “DONE” and you still kept harping on it so bad like leech that havent got its fill for days?

    you kept shooting yourself in the foot, by saying how this common sense isnt common sense to the other party, but did you realize previously you’re shoving this common sense to US, that is on the other side of this issue?

    and really, how low you have to go by dragging darkmirage into this shitstorm? in case you havent missed: “It is unfortunate that certain things were not clarify beforehand, but this is the organizers’ first time so you can be sure that improvements will be made in the future.”
    (sorry darkmirage for doing this myself lol.)

    If you’re gonna continue on this endless twilight zone by repeating the same thing over and over like a broken record, fine. Myself, and most, if not all of us are done with this issue and your reply. Thanks for your explanation on the cultural issue, however quite frankly, it has gotten a bit too far.

  104. Quazacolt says :

    dur forgot this.

    to the rest/e-jump:

    finally up. sadly, the gallery of 125ish (just on the first day) pictures are down cuz it kept crashing my PHP T_T

  105. Ryvius says :

    I’m just saying she looks quite plain and non glamorous compared to Sheryl Nome, and I find it sad for her to be compared to her all the time…
    But then again, don’t they dentists in Japan? Or maybe she should just hire Ayumi Hamasaki’s surgeon LOL
    Anyway, I love her voice, and that’s the most important thing of all. I don’t care if she’s unattractive, at least she can sing… That’s why I love her!

  106. Cyrus says :

    Well… you are quite an arse at poking at others…

    But I’ll agree with you the organisers could have done better than a friggin’ white board. =/
    I think I’ll post this up on May’n’s blog to draw this to her attention.

    Like it or not, I doubt this had anything to do with May’n herself – even though it might just jolly well SCREW her reputation. She prolly CANT do anything about it either:

    She is still a young and upcoming talent. whatever she says is NOT SUBSTANTIAL.
    She isn’t Gackt…. She doesn’t compose her own stuff = she doesn’t run the show = she is just the voice to bring in the cash = she is a doll = she doesn’t have a say.

    That’s Japan’s talent industry for you. Even Ayumi was not exempted.
    Sigh…. sorry about your money gone to waste.
    But overall, the concert was good *even tho I watched from the back for free and it was JUST AS GOOD* ouch.

  107. kblitz says :

    Those so called ‘whiteboards’ are called ‘shikishi’, for your info. Look it up before you start raging all over the place about getting cheated and get some things right. Different countries, different practices. You frame them and put them up on display for all to see. A sample of a shikishi on displayhere.

  108. orz says :

    you paid SGD118 for the whole AFA and concert, not just for the cheap white board. silly x__x some of that amount would be for MAY’N’s talent fee, noh?

  109. bubbaSMITH says :

    yer all LOZERS HAR HAR HAR

  110. Crimson_Affections says :

    Wow. I really don’t understand why they had to give a May’n’s autograph on a white board??? And about the pre-prepared autograph, I’m not really happy about it even though i didn’t attend the AFA08…

  111. Steveb says :

    Boycott the whole event.

  112. Steveb says :

    kbilitz. this is Singapore. If any stars want to perform in Singapore, you live by our culture and not impose your culture in a foreign country. Enocentric behavior is not acceptable.

  113. Kibi_Dango says :

    This might sound weird, but in Japan, many times people would rather have the autograph on a white board like that, called a “shikishi”
    The reason, I was told before, is that being its black pen on white, you can actually see it. on the other hand, if you have a item signed, there are times you can’t actually see the autograph well, and also, the autograph may disappear, if the wrong type of pen is used

    I’m pretty sure that the staff are mostly Japanese and thought as, well, Japanese

  114. Alastair says :

    This is helpful, You are an excessively professional blogger. I’ve signed up with your feed and stay up for on the lookout for even more of your terrific article. Also, I have shared your website in my social networking sites!

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