AFA08 Day1: Loads of pics edition

so moe i died

so moe i died

This will be my Day1 coverage of AFA08 Singapore, together with loads of pics :3

Arrived at Suntec Convention hall at around 8am+. Didnt manage to arrive any earlier and join Panther and co. for early camping because i was enjoying my free breakfast at TresorTavern, and I missed the earlier bus.

Upon arrival the queue was really long. I didnt noticed until at around 9am for a special concert ticket line. The ticketing line started moving at around 9.30am and I picked up my Diamond VIP pass.

A dude with Ichirou Mizuki VIP pass

A dude with Ichirou Mizuki VIP pass

All VIP pass holders were then allowed to enter the hall at 9.40am, 20mins earlier than normal attendee.

The first thing greeted me upon entering the hall was a 1/10(sp?) Exia from Bandai’s booth. Bandai booth displayed BAKUC participants kits, and some new toys from Japan which includes Tamagothi and 5sec Man thingie.

Im not really sure if they’re under the same booth as ToyNToys, as ToyNToys displayed a lot of SIC items and PVC figures. Unlike Gundam exclusives like transparent Exia, PVC on display mostly are normal released items. Some exclusive item hunters got disappointed.

Not sure if that Chun-Li pair in the glass case on the right was an exclusive item. Oh well, not interested with them.

AFA08 advertising local AkibaTown indeed feels like Akiba in a way. People went frenzy buying loads of stuffs because most items were at darn great bargain.

Aside from displays, toys and merchandise booths, the hall was also filled with other kind dof booths such as artist corner Graphite where winners of certain art category were put on display.

Manga corner

Manga corner

Gaming arena

Gaming arena





I believe these are Blythe and Mamachap dolls. Huge amount of dolljoints here.. fap..fap..fap..

XEDO. Your SG friend

XEDO. Your SG friend

The launching ceremony kickoff exactly at 10am. While some of the media guys already filled the stage area, but its still kind of empty as most other attendee have yet to enter the hall.

Later Ichirou-san made an appearance. He had some chirt chit-chat with the emcee and he sang few songs. his concert was later in the evening. Nope, no May’n on day1.

While wondering around the hall, managed to spot mr Kunio in a conference room.

While people start shopping so early into the day, the amount of cosplayers were lacking that morning.

Was kind of disappointed there, but not for long. Right after came back from luck, the amount has grown.

At 3+pm, Mr Kunio went on the stage to hand out the prizes to BAKUC winners. Im not really a gundam kit fans nor know all the mechas from UC, but the kits contested was kind of awesome.

I spent my whole evening hunting for cosplayers in the hall. It was so crowded and difficult to move around without interfering with others who try to snap shots.

Bandai is still promoting the Tamagochi, where it was the fad a decade ago. This time they also had 5second man thing. Its some kind of a stopwatch, where you’ll be awesome if you can stop it at almost 5seconds.

At around 6pm, people already start camping in front of the stage. The yellow barricade is to separate the VIP area and normal ticket holder.

The concert started with Quis Band, a local group made of 5 people. They played and sang few anime songs mostly by lArc-en-ciel..

The awesomeness of Aniki’s concert and photography were allowed deserves another post of its own. Overall I really enjoyed his performance.

At the end of the day, this was my only haul, Yujin SRDX Hydra from UFO Princess Valkyrie. Been looking for her since late 2006. Somewhat a miracle when Latendo had a few of her on cheap sale.

Overall AFA08 Day1 met my expectation as a big convention, with loads of stuffs and cosplayers to see. Theres a lot more of pics that i didnt link here from from my flickr. Feel free to check em out.

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9 responses to “AFA08 Day1: Loads of pics edition”

  1. Quazacolt says :

    naisu pics >_<
    DSLR envy lol

  2. Loneraven says :

    ZOMG! i see me there!
    gosh my face is hidden in the dark… xp

  3. Rin says :

    Nice cosplay pics!!!!!!!
    Why can’t conventions here by like conventions there…
    Looks soooo cool!!!!!!
    So many good things happening…

  4. Evangel_Lim says :

    Thanks for the Illya pictures, just I’m out of luck did not saw her myself personal. 😛

  5. Serge Norguard says :

    Dear Ejump,

    The Comic Fiesta 2008 Organizing Committee would like to invite you to

    join us as an affiliated blogger! You’ll receive a media’s pass to
    participate in Comic Fiesta 2008 and enjoy access to media-only events
    and be the first to find out exclusive news about Comic Fiesta before
    everyone else!

    Kindly RSVP by sending me (Serge) an email.

    Corporate Communications Department

    On behalf of Victor

  6. AK says :

    Bah, I thought I got a lot of cosplay pics, but you sure beat me in terms of quality… Can’t believe I missed so many good ones! Some of them you took are really awesome too. Ilya, CC, Haruhi…

    By the way, you must have missed my earlier comment. I was asking if you would do a blog link exchange. 😛

  7. e-jump says :

    Hi AK.
    Well, it was just luck for Day1 for me. I didnt know there was more cosplayers outside at all.
    I only went to the outside hall area on Day2, and get much more. Well, not that many anyway. Im impressed with SG cosplay quality. Although i did see a fatshinji.

    Yep, added you to my blogroll. Sorry didnt noticed it earlier. Too much slacking due to work. Haih~

  8. Crimson_Affections says :

    Woah! You’re so lucky that you can go to the AFA08!! :]

    Me and my sister really wanted to go there but my familiy had plans to go Malacca!! >3< We complained for the whole 3 days!! @_@ Oh well, life isn’t always fair…

    Do you mind if you send some of the AFA08’s pictures? I would really appreciate it! :]
    You can email me at:
    Thanks a thousand! 😀

  9. e-jump says :

    @C_A: Nah, feel free to copy/save as those from my flickr.

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