AFA08 Day1: Ichirou Mizuki LIVE!

I’ve been slacking lately, and it took ages for me to post up AFA08 related material and experience.

Mr.Ichirou Mizuki is a featured guest for AFA08. He’s also known as The King, and Aniki. And he had a LIVE concert at AFA Day1.

To be frank, I myself do not know much about him, nor heard his old skool stuffs. So who is he? Check this out for more info on Aniki. So much stuffs under his belt.

But not knowing him does not hinder me to check out his concert.

Man I’m so glad i stayed till evening for his concert. Aniki was awesome, especially for someone who at his age. He packed power and energy, and he know how to entertain crowd.

Few of the crowd really know the lyrics to Mazinger Z, super robot animus, Kamen Rider and stuff.

Aniki also did had some chat and jokes with ms.Emcee between his songs.

And at a point when he supposedly already ended his performance and went backstage, he reappeared and sang another song after the crowd chanted “Aniki..Aniki..Aniki..”

For his VIP fans, the most unforgettable moment must be when Aniki goes down the stage and sang together with them.

Later after that, he had an autograph session with VIP pass holders.

Overall I was so ….cant describe how i felt back then… by aniki’s performance. And being a May’n VIP-D pass holder, I had high hopes that May’n performance will be as good as his.

Do checkout my pic gallery here. Sorry the pics aint good and sharp, as im still learning my camera.

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4 responses to “AFA08 Day1: Ichirou Mizuki LIVE!”

  1. Rin says :

    Man, must have been an unforgettable moment for you…
    Wish I was there…so cool!!!!!!!
    Old school stuff indeed…I listened to some of his old stuff and that brings back some memories…

  2. e-jump says :

    @Rin: Yeah. I didnt expect Aniki was so awesum. Even though it was a small concert, but the energy is there.

  3. Quazacolt says :

    epic failed missing aniki’s concert T_T

  4. Brian says :

    Odd…he looked younger than I thought originally. It’s still amazing that people at his age can still do awesome things. It’s still a great experience for you to go to.

    You have to really imagine what he would eventually do in the next few years.

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