3rd Seiyuu Awards 2009, Overseas Fan’s Choice Awards

Establishment of New Category for the Seiyu Awards

The Seiyu Awards was established as an annual award to honor voice actors and actress for their achievements in memorable voice acting performances and creative works. The Tokyo Anime Center, in cooperation with the Japan Audio Producer’s Association and representatives from the animation industry, aims to contribute to increasing the status of voice actors and actress by providing the largest scale award show in the industry. Presently, voice acting is ranked as one of the highest occupations that children aspire to, increasing the attention towards the voice acting profession. There is also increasing support from overseas, and each year, more and more voice actors are taking part in overseas events. Read more here.

While lurking some random irc channel i stumbled upon http://www.seiyuawards.jp .While i do not understand the whole runes on the page, I noticed the ‘New category… start! link.

Currently The Seiyuu Awards is establishing a new category, which is the Overseas Fan Choice Awards. And for this, they’re accepting all international voters(only!) to vote via online by submitting your favorite seiyuu candidate name and characters played via the official website. Well, it sounds moar like a nomination than a vote as you can nominate whoever you think deserves the award.

Apparently they’re only accepting only 1 name per submission regardless of gender. So you can either nominate a she, or a he actor but not both. Maybe they will consider to have Male and Female category in future if theres a large amount of fans/voters participating.

Aside from that, Im not sure how do we know if a seiyuu is eligible to be nominated as they did not put in a timeframe limit validity for any specific character played by the seiyuu, as something like SaiMoe. And no deadline…?

So who did I vote/nominate?

(⌒‿⌒) ~❤

Well, the site did mention ‘most memorable voice actor’.

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6 responses to “3rd Seiyuu Awards 2009, Overseas Fan’s Choice Awards”

  1. Brian says :

    Oh wow. I might as well participate then. 😉

    Did you vote though? Then again, the whole system seems like its waiting to be abused. LOL.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Brian: Yep I did. Pretty much obvious who.
    Anyway they should be more specific on the nomination, like only new seiyuu, must voice acted recent anime, etc. Basically more specific on who is eligible to be nominated.
    Prone to abuse is one thing, and it seems like the committee will need to go through bajillions of names and start sorting out ┐(´д`)┌

  3. Brian says :

    They probably didn’t want to restrict the choices because it is a new category after all, one that the Japanese (I think that they really should have said for those who live in Japan instead) can’t enter since it is restricted to Overseas. Most likely, people overseas won’t know any new and recent seiyuu that just recently appeared/debuted, so the choice for who to vote for is completely out there for us.

    If I recall, the whole awards is divided into Best Male, Best Female, Best Supporting Male, Best Supporting Female, Best New Actor, Best New Actress, Best Singing, Best Personality, and some stuff I forgot, but most likely, those choices would be more have been specific anyway for who to vote for.

    And yes, my vote is also obvious. But I can also imagine the pain of sorting names, recognizing O’s and U’s, flipping around last names and first names due to being different parts of the world, etc. its really crazy.

  4. Rin says :

    That seems cool!!!!!
    I would love to vote for Mizuki Nana or Aya Hirano!!!!! My fav seiyuus!!!!!!
    The problem is picking between the two…

  5. Nadeshiko Natsumi says :

    …………………………I’ll just wait though~

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