ComicFiesta’08 Updates: the Portfolio Pavilion

Introducing… the Portfolio Pavilion!

First, we had life drawing sessions for the curious.

Now, artists, game designers and just about anyone interested can bring their portfolios for instant industry feedback at Comic Fiesta 2008! We’ll have industry bigwigs from companies such as Animasia
, Imaginary Friends Studios of Singapore, Foldees, GempakStarz, Eden Animation, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and more to review your portfolios!

In fact, you may even catch the interest of these industry players and, perhaps, get a shot at working with them! All you need to do is bring yourself, your portfolio, and be at our Portfolio Pavilion* to get  feedback for your works!

And yes, it’s completely FREE! Just attend Comic Fiesta 2008 @ Sunway Convention Centre on December 20 and December 21, 2008! Remember to get your tickets for Comic Fiesta 2008 if you haven’t already!

Why are we doing this?
Comic Fiesta was created for fans, by fans. Once most of us joined the working force, we realised that it was difficult for us fans to continue doing what we loved, as there was a gap between what we
wanted to do, and what we were being offered.

The Portfolio Pavilion was conceived to bring key representatives and icons from Malaysia’s, and its neighbouring region, comic industry closer to the fans, bridging this gap. So bring your best works and show them what you’re made of! You never know if you’ll be offered a job on the spot based on your portfolio and your skills!

*The Portfolio Pavilion times and location will be announced shortly

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2 responses to “ComicFiesta’08 Updates: the Portfolio Pavilion”

  1. Rin says :

    I would attend but I live in Canada…
    I work for ACG NA which is a fan made otaku organization that brings fun for the otaku culture in North America. Currently we have plans to make fan made run conventions…

    I would love to see photos of Comic Fiesta!!!

  2. e-jump says :

    @Rin: Wow, i didnt know you were into drawings too, besides writing.
    Yeah, its a new platform for locals here to try market their talents.

    This year i shall try take as much photo possible, as now i have a reliable battery LOL. Unlike last time, it failed me early in the evening on my old PnS =__=”

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