ComicFiesta’08 Day1: New Venue, a New Standard

Few days has passed, and ComicFiesta’08 has left most of us with awesum memories, and obviously flash memory contents :3

Comic Fiesta’08 for the 1st time held in a proper Convention Hall, at Sunway Pyramid special level 3(?) on 20-21st Dec 08. For the 1st timers attending, this must be awesome, while for the loyal followers from past events, its a god-sent ( ´ω`)

While some people had a tough time with the lightings of mixed fluorecent and tungsten, but with fully carpeted hall and fully air conditioned environment, these definitely makes everyone felt comfy in a crowd.

The event was scheduled to begin at 11am, but upon my arrival at 10.15am, the crowd outside the hall foyer has started growing and get packed. Not only that, they’re already started queuing as early as 10.30am. (;゚ Д゚)

The above pictures are what it looks like at the foyer/outside the hall. The inner hall is huge, as what should be expected for a Convention hall.

Everyone is busy preparing own booths prior to official opening at 11am. Oh, I can enter early due to special pass :3

A snippet of what was on display at TheFigureMall booth. This year i didnt participate due to a reason.

These 2 dudes was the host for 2 days. While they’re funny, but once a while their jokes went slightly overboard. The opening ceremony got delayed and only started at 15 past 11. Not sure what went wrong.

The spokeperson for MDeC gave a short opening speech and how CF can be a platform to discover talents. Later all the VIPs went up stage to officially cut the ribbons.

Without further ado, enjoy the pics (☞゚◡◡゚)☞

< Live demo by one of the artist. She made it look easy.

< DannyChoo cosplay?

^ This is what it looks like in the hall by noon.

< Theres also a free scribble corner for anyone to test their drawing skills.

^ IFS guys also did some live demo. How I wish to master my tablet.

Forgive me for high noise/blurred pictures, as I shot these without flash. Feel free to check more pictures on my flickr gallery. I look forward to comments, critics and tagging help.

Day2 coverage will come in few days time. LOL slowpoke ┐(-。ー;)┌

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13 responses to “ComicFiesta’08 Day1: New Venue, a New Standard”

  1. gordon says :

    the ranka cosplay on the floor in white dress looks very cute. WANT!

  2. Persocom says :

    lots of nice cosplayers there. Longest comic try? Did it make it in the records then?

  3. e-jump says :

    @Gordon: Wait till you see her Day2 pics..
    So moe~ :3

    @Persocom: Ah, I dint check out the result at the end of the day. Too much chasing cosplayers :p

  4. Rin says :

    Amazing cosplays!!!!!
    Special pass huh…
    Well, a lot of people and line it seemd!!!!!
    I wish I was there…so cool…
    I think at the figure booth…the Saber there was leaning a bit…..

  5. e-jump says :

    @Rin: lol leaning saber.
    The amount of cosplayers, i can say i didnt even manage to cover even 50% of them =__=

  6. Shin says :

    I was impressed by the size of the hall itself, though I question the need to charge 15 bux per entry ):

  7. mintos says :

    Hi e-jump! Thanks for the maru+moro picture! (second last pic) :3

  8. e-jump says :

    @Shin: I believe because of the rent as its located in Sunway =___=”
    Obviously the organizer wants to play safe as they could not predict the response from attendee for a new location.
    I’m not sure bout Sri Sedaya rent and statistics, but from my observation, comparing Sri Sedaya 2005 and 2006 to this one, the crowd now is larger by 4 folds than before.

    @mintos: glad you like it ( ´ω`) 

  9. Serene says :

    Hoho.. Even the road outside on the way to Sunway was packed with cars around 2pm o.O Luckily dun hafta queue to buy the ticket lol Nice shots btw XD No flash also nice, its not too dark or too noisy too ^^ I updated on mine too, too bad I oni went on the 1st day ><

  10. xrysx says :

    thank u for the shot of Towards the Terra, last 3rd pic. I’m taking it from Flickr.

  11. e-jump says :

    @Serene: Didnt know you were coming. We could meet up.
    Oh well..
    For the pics, its unbelievable that the picture are still acceptable at iso400/800 and slow shutter speed. And i did PP touchups to reduce the noise.

    @xrysx: Glad you like it. Sorry that other pics didnt turned out acceptable.

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