ComicFiesta’08 Day2, EPIC End for 2008

Unlimited Slowpoke Works. Yeah, sorry guys that it took me more than a week just to post Day2 coverage. I’m pretty much sure that most of you already read up such coverage on other blogs.

So I’ll just cut the tl:dr wall of text short and go straight to time chronology of day 2 happenings.

Well, pretty much nothing additional happens in the morning to noon besides cosplays and doujin booths.

If there was activities, guess i didnt noticed it due to stalking cosplayers for pics.

I did have a hard time identifying cosplays characters origin. Although I went ‘take picture 1st, think later’.

Another IFS member showing his stuff in drawing and coloring using tablet.

Day 2 cosplay was impressive, keeping the quality momentum from day 1. I noticed few day 1 cosplayers appear on day 2 with different cosplay set.

By 3pm i believe the group cosplay kickedstarted. But since i dont like crowded area, i continued with my cosplay stalking.

I totally missed out the whole group cosplay skit and solo contestant. The pic above are the 8 finalist for solo competition. From Left Nemesis, Riku, Dark Star, Faust, Sheryl, Yuna, Tano and KrauserII.

Unlike previous ComicFiesta, this year they ditched the Cosplay chess and tried something new, where as you can see the board on far right (with pink stickies) will determine the fate of contestants.

Contestant got called up, do some short intro and roll the gigantic dice. If they get black star, they can do whatever they like, and pink slip will have them do task which covers telling joke, sing and i forgot others =__=”

Mr Faust over here is demonstrating on how to swim the right way. It was a fun session although I did overheard people missed the chess more.

While waiting for the result announcement, I continued my task..

Cobra made me remember my childhood days w/ GI Joe ;_;

Awesome Sengoku Basara group cosplay.

( *≖‿≖*) so ℳℴℯ❤

a bunch of lads showing us how akb48 wotagei looks like up close

Live performance LION by Ranka and Sheryls, although the girl in pink kimono and black dress Sheryl were the lead singers. They can really sing (◕ ◡ ◕)

So here are the winners info from Serge, one of the committee.

Here are the winners for the competitions that took place during Comic
Fiesta 2008.

Art Competition
Over-18 Category
Grand Prize: Roden Chong Yii Siang (Roden)
First Prize: Sinn Chun Hou (Sitomize)
Second Prize: Fung Kin Chew (Santa Fung)

Under-18 Category
Grand Prize: Sonia Dai (Pochi)
First Prize: Low Soon Yie (Pyromaniac03)
Second Prize: Ain Hafizah bt Mohd Saadon (Lavendra)

Comic Competition
Coffy Award – Sou (Yam Gene Group)
Tea Award – Leong Tze Lin (Noir Mystere Group)
Merchandise Award – Loo Sooyan (Meowed Group)

Cosplay Competition
Best Cosplayer: Skye (Sherly Nome from Macross Frontier)
Honourable Mention: Zend (Nemesis from Resident Evil 3)
Honourable Mention: Dusty (Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2)
Best in Hall: Pinky (Ashura from RG Veda)
Best Group Cosplay: D. Gray Man Group

And at the end of the day, people gathers and do Carameldansen…..

Overall CF’08 was a huge success in my 2008 book of activities. Its my 1st ever event that I shot pictures exceeding 800, although i need some touchup for final product. The quality of local cosplayers has gone up few notches.

Check out more pictures in my flickr gallery here.

Thanks to Shin&Setsuna, Mizunaga and other blog comrades for similar material coverage.

Happy NEW YEAR 2009 and see you guys in Youth’09.

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3 responses to “ComicFiesta’08 Day2, EPIC End for 2008”

  1. Rad says :

    Where was this convention?

  2. e-jump says :

    Sup Rad. It was held on 20-21st Dec at Sunway, Malaysia.
    No we dont have AKB48/H!P concert here

  3. Cheshire says :

    Cool Picxxs

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