Happy New Year

To everyone on GMT +7 and and above, Happy New Year 2009 (im on GMT+8). Also Happy belated Hijri/Islamic New Year 1430 to moslems around the globe. And also Happy New Year 2009 to the rest upcoming timezones.

Not celebrating new year outdoor again. I hate overcrowded places. Stayed at home, and took some firework shots from my room. So ronery ;__;

My goal for this year is to keep my job momentum going, attend at least 1 oversea convention and try cosplaying LOL.

Hope you have one prepared at least.

If you’re wondering whats the flat white thing in the pics, its my downlight reflection on the window glass and not UFO =___=”

>   Happy New Year 2009 !!!  <
 ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
( ´ω`)              (・∀・)

11 responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Panther says :

    Happy New Year dude.

  2. Brian says :

    Happy New Year, man!

    It won’t be new year here until…another 7+ hours here.

  3. e-jump says :

    Happy New Year Panther & Brian.

  4. Persocom says :

    that’s a cool looking reflection, your right it could pass as a UFO. I’m not leaving the house for new years either. Happy New Year ^^

  5. gordon says :

    2008 was a crazy year. hope 2009 will be insaner, no er.. i mean more peaceful.

  6. optic says :

    I think 09 will be a year to remember if it was a UFO. lol

    Happy New Year. ^^

  7. Luq says :

    Happy new year too dude.

    It was really entertaining for a new year’s eve rick rolled with Aya Hirano at /as/ yesterday, lol.

  8. Serene says :

    Shiawase New Year desu~ XD haha…

  9. Rin says :

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! DESU~

  10. Hangmen says :


  11. e-jump says :

    Happy new year to all bro and sis.
    I still want to believe its not an UFO
    *im not certain its my downlight either LOL

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