Youth’09, Lifestyle Fest /w Cosplay Returns

Youth’09, The Malaysia’s Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival returns. Its expected to be larger than before, and Animax Cosplay Competition is in the list among activities to be held this weekend from 9th to 11th Jan 09 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

Like its 1st Youth’08 event early last year, the organizers are trying to bring all latest youth fads and lifestyle under 1 roof in a good way, and also to host some self improvements activities and job search opportunities (i guess).

Last Year’s Cosplay event didnt go well probably due to rumors and dispute lingering around or just lack of publicity/ads. I did my Day2 and Day3 coverage if you wanna check em out.

Animax Cosplay comp will be held on Day2 Saturday, 12 to 2 pm at Main stage Hall2. And they have changed the competition format where contestant can showcase a stage performance vs last year’s catwalk LOL :p

I hope this year’s event will get a better boost in participation and more lulz. Oh before i forget, attendance and participation fee are FREE.

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4 responses to “Youth’09, Lifestyle Fest /w Cosplay Returns”

  1. Rin says :

    That’s cool!!!!!
    I would love to attend…
    Sadly I live far far away in Canada…

  2. e-jump says :

    Nah, too early to judge it.
    Let see what it has to offer this weekend 🙂

  3. Tommy says :

    No elites there T_T It was a sad scene.

  4. Jashin says :

    Animax events here suck…

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