Youth’09 Day2 Coverage

Youth Lifestyle Festival has come early into the year 2009, and it packs lotsa stuff for the youth to check out and participate. And 1 of the events that i look forward was Animex Cosplay (i shall cover it later into this post).

Yesterday(Saturday), I went to check out Youth’09 Day2 activities as Day1 falls on my working day. Although it stated PWTC, but its not exactly the same venue as last year.

The main ingredients of this festival are showcasing youth lifestyles these days, telent oriented contests, job opportunities, and introducing established e-communities. Check out more on

Even though it was not the same hall, but the halls(these 2 halls) are big enough to host the activities. Picture above are from 1st hall. 1st hall consist lots of booths for promotional and demo.

The 2nd hall also has its own stage. This will be for noisy and loud activities like Battle of the band. I bet they anticipate that this activity needs large place as last year Battle of the Band finals was full of awesum and crowd.

2nd hall also has:

<– Sports arena section. Here is where the street basketball matches were held.

<- Cars on display, mostly modified. Theyre from specific make car  owner clubs.

<- Audition booth? I believe yes, where its for those who wanna try their luck in music recording.

Well, theres lotsa other stuffs and booths there in both halls, but i didnt snap all of it. You can check some in my gallery.

Animax Cosplay

This years Animax’s event did not feature the South East Asia ambassador, Hannah Tan. Maybe they forgot bout it, or she’s busy on something. Oh well..

However, like last year Animax cosplay event, this year didnt pull a large cosplay participants. I wonder why? Either they think its too cheap to cosplay there, busy with work/exam, tired from recent CF,…  ┐(-。ー;)┌

Kudos to the cosplayers who did attend. The format of the competition was, each participant were given 5mins, and they can do whatever they like, as long its acceptable for public audience. Im not sure how the judging marks works, but i wont question bout it.

But what confuses me more is that i often see awesum cosplays and costume details, but he/she didnt participate in the contest.

So these are the contest participants, although some of them are just a support cosplayers for some skits.

Mr Wulong won the contest, followed by Dante and WonderWise. VK girl with umbrella won something too.

2008 winner was also present, Sailor Pluto.

Although the event seems lacking higher caliber cosplayers especially after what we saw at ComicFiesta’08, but i bet everyone had their fun and lulz.

Overall Youth Lifestyle Festival caters cool stuff under one roof for youths to check out. I did not really cover other activities, but judging from passing by the spots, theres really good stuff going on there physically and mentally.

Anyway today I skipped day 3 because of some other matters. So for those who missed this festival, theres always next year.

Well again, moar pics in my flickr gallery.


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9 responses to “Youth’09 Day2 Coverage”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says :

    I spy.. A Bleachfag.

  2. Panther says :

    The good ones usually never enter competitions, they are there to show off the costume and their experience, not join in fag competitions. Most contests of cosplay suck.

  3. e-jump says :

    @K-I: ಠ_ಠ

    @Panther: Well, most of the contest may suck, but by winning some moneis would be a good thing. Oh well, not all contest offer monies anyway.
    But most likely they dont want to be bounded by the contest regulation and timing, and doing it at their own pace

  4. Brian says :

    So, pretty much the same number as people as last years?

    Also, Mr. Wulong from Tekken? And no video game section?

  5. e-jump says :

    @Brian: Yep, hes from Tekken. No game section as this is a super small cosplay event.
    Consider this a sub event of small japan subculture from bigger event that is general/made of all other subcultures combined

  6. Quazacolt says :

    sad, but im gonna say “glad i didnt go” lol

  7. Reno says :

    Ha… ha… ha… worst event I’ve been to. Hated the MC, very rude in my opinion. The contest was very so so… all my newbling cosplayers were there tho so I had to show some support. Even thought of joining for the sake of cosplaying but came 30mins too late for registration. Not going next year

  8. Joymbonee says :

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