Skirtless? on my Saber Holiday ver.?

I’ve been having my GoodSmile Company 1/6 Saber Holiday ver. for almost 1.5yrs now, and so far she seems good, healthy and not leaning as of yet.

However, just until yesterday someone (Aori) visited my flickr gallery and asked ‘Did you know that…..

….her skirt can be taken off?”

I was like……….. wut? щ(゚Д゚щ) Call me fail, but during all these while I had her, taken her to anime cons for figure display and such, I never thought of her able to go pantsu mode.

Never felt as fail as this before OTL

Anyway, this Saber Holiday ver. was nicely sculpted by Shinji Koshinuma. As a 1/6 scaled figure, you can expect detailed sculpts on her hair and frills on her clothes.

And her fingers and fingernails, the lining is very well detailed and coloured.

Her feet and sandal pair didnt escape from getting quality treatment. Pink fingernails, delicious but no, im not licking it.

And FINALLY… the obligatory white panties shots that I just discovered after a long 1.5yrs waiting to be unleashed.

Finally my life has been completed from this discovery. Well, if you knew bout it, its good for you 🙂

Anyway if you were to get her, my advice is do inspect her properly as theres lotsa counterfeit bootys of her out there. She was released back in late 2006, so chances of her availability is quite low.

Heres few tips based from my experience with her booty counterpart:
– her left leg seems to not touch the base
– fat fingers with no nails
– her skin looks oily
– her ahoge kind of fail

Good luck (´・ω・)つ

More pics at my Saber Holiday gallery.

*booty = bootleg

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8 responses to “Skirtless? on my Saber Holiday ver.?”

  1. nanu says :

    Haha. It’s technically a dress (so therefore the skirt should be one with the top) but for pantsu detailing it’s conveniently made that way.

  2. e-jump says :

    @nanu: Haha, it was made very well making me to believe the dress was never detachable for the bottom part.
    Usually when I opened the box, theres always plastic at the waist indicating its detachable. But that was not the case for this Saber. The only other figure i havent checked is Koto Belldandy Goddess dress ver, which is least likely.

  3. Rin says :

    Most figures these days have removable clothes or skirts and such…
    Well, holiday Saber is good figure and I do love your pictures!!!!!!

  4. Brian says :

    LOL at Hidden Easter Egg. Heh, I wonder if you’re going to do the same for your future purchases.

    Such a shame that that Saber figurine is near-impossible to find, my friend would really want one of those.

    Also, Removable clothes!? I really can’t picture it. (Then again, I’m not that into collecting figurines to know about it that much)

  5. optic says :

    The surprise of the day huh!? ^^
    So in the next anime con, I know which mode ur gonna display her. xD

  6. e-jump says :

    @Rin: Yeah, but that saber is like 2006, and she didnt come w/ plastics around her waist/detachable abdomen like newer figures do. Wasnt expecting that. And the fact i didnt google bout her, now thats suprising.

    @Brian: Well, all my newer figure shots do include panties mode. Well, she’s old release. Very hard to find new MISB.

    @Optic: (◕ ◡ ◕)

  7. AK says :

    Marvelously gorgeous. The pose looks so much more natural with the skirt off, much to my surprise.

  8. meronpan says :

    ah, nice to see some love for the older releases. since i just started collecting last year, don’t really know much about 2007 and earlier stuff…

    very nice looking, and nice cast off discovery ^_^ kawaii pantsu mode 😀

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