[Preview] e2046’s LineageII Dark Elf Combat Ver.

I’ve been getting newsletters from e2046 on their upcoming releases and special sales. However since im no garage kit builder, i just had to pass the offerings from Antihero and Ori lineup.

Asuka adult ver. from OriXGathering lineup has caught my attention before, but had to skip her as im cutting down my expenses for other things.

Gathering lineup kits offered by e2046 comes in prepainted form. Im not sure how the tid-bits are packed, but the website logo did mentioned ‘assembly required’

And Dark Elf Combat ver. from LineageII is also getting the e2046 OriXGathering treatment. Some of you might notice this Dark Elf looks somewhat familiar. Yes, previously GoodSmile Company has released her holding single double edged spear(?) in the middle of last year.

However e2046 crew take Dark Elf a little further by making her wield 2 swords on each hands. Therefore here pose changed to more dynamic.

Her size for this offering will be 1/5.5. Pretty huge there. My biggest figure so far is GSC 1/6 Karen Ortensia.

While im not a fan of LineageII nor ever played one, judging from the pictures, Dark Elf combat ver. looks quality, detailedly sculpted and colored, and looks promising. Never had a GK and Gathering kit, so i dont know the final product actually like.

I believe you’ll get free creepy bats too as a package.

For those garage kit builder who dont fancy prepainted figures, you can opt for fresh uncolored (Ori lineup) ones here, although free bats comes while stock lasts.

Prepainted version is priced at usd160 for early birds, and non-painted ones at usd72. Most likely due to cost vs mass production, it cant be in the same price range as pvc items. Expected to be released on February 10th 2009.

More picture gallery here. And make sure you order the right one.

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8 responses to “[Preview] e2046’s LineageII Dark Elf Combat Ver.”

  1. George says :

    hey e-jump

    great preview…really enjoyed it. if you get a chance, check e2046.com index page.

  2. suneo says :

    them ori folks really got some mad talent, especially with the intricate details around the armor and stuff. I’m interested in their Dip Mou figure myself 😛

  3. e-jump says :

    @george: haha.. well, she looks promising indeed. the fact that the scale is big, it gonna pack with detailed art :3

    @suneo: yep, the crews got some serious skill there. the upcoming ori lineup looks awesome too, esp lulu and demon-girl. Would love to see em up close

  4. meronpan says :

    wow, 160 doesn’t sound so bad after paying for daiki kougyou’s kanu ^^;; love the pose

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  6. Komorowski says :

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  7. Testa says :

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  8. Schedule says :

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