XBoX360 copied PlayStation discovered?

Yet another ingenious discovery by Anonymous 0n how Microsoft copied PlayStation for XBoX360. Obviously its just a trollan attempt by console Anons on /v/. But it makes sense in a way LOL

*via 4chan


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7 responses to “XBoX360 copied PlayStation discovered?”

  1. optic says :

    LOL. xD
    Some ppl have some much time on their hands. lol

  2. Panther says :

    It’s a conspiracy!

  3. Lesley Dewar says :

    I found you on Alpha Inventions and we have some great ideas on what makes it work, better.

    Come visit.

  4. Brian says :

    As expected from 4chan. They were actually mentioned in articles in the NY Times, and Wall Street…

    But do these guys make books? I thought I saw one today based on their stuff…

  5. Rin says :

    That I didn’t know….who would had thought…

  6. Persocom says :

    lol, naming made easy.

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