Bollé Meanstreak shades

Nothing much happening this week, besides a hellish workload at office. Economy recession hits my company really bad. I do have 2 shipments currently in transit, but i doubt they can make it before CNY(chinese new year) holiday next week.

Anyway, just picked up my prescribed shades.

This is my 1st shades after a decade. Well, I do really need shades for long distance day drive. The reason this is my 1st pair is because Im long sighted, I dont wear contacts thus choices are very limited. Before, I just used el-cheapo shades from departmental stores. So for those of you who dont wear contacts, theres only a few shades can be customized with prescribed lens. Most shades are too curvy making it difficult to align the lens properly on the frame, and prescribed good lens comes at a hefty price tag. Consider using contacts, or laser-fix your eyes.

Anyway, my pair is from Bollé, model Meanstreak. Well, its not a latest model, but its lightweight, the metal frame seems sturdy, and the looks kind of trendy (◕ ◡ ◕) . Was looking for Oakleys, but the optometrist insist theyre difficult to customize with prescribed lens. Total damage is around rm700(usd200) with prescribed Hoya lens.

This is now how I roll (☞゚◡◡゚)☞ Self-image upgrade+1


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4 responses to “Bollé Meanstreak shades”

  1. Panther says :

    Yeah I agree on long drives and rides, shades are important when the sun is damn strong. I got a pair but like you, I do not wear contacts (hate them). My shades are blue though, and more sports-like.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Panther: yep, especially when driving facing morning and evening sun, need to squint your eyes ≖_≖

  3. Brian says :

    At least your shades are fashionable. Looks great on you as well.

    The ones I had when I had an eye infection were heavy… but still effective to prevent squinting when going out.

  4. Hangmen says :

    Bolle shades are very OPERATOR.

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