Fake/Stay Night…. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Was busy doing some major wardrobe cleaning today as its been some time since i once did it. *I seems to have a bad habit of keeping all the boxes/packages of items i bought, and they eat valuable free space .

Anyway, while doing that I encountered one of my long lost (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE!!! As the box indicates, it supposed to be a Good Smile Company Fate/Stay Night trading figure set.

It was one of my early purchase back in 2006 when I was figure naive. Since its a trading figure sealed in the box, I couldnt judge what to expect and the cheap price was too tempting.

They look so hideous that my attempt to fix their face was canceled. If you noticed saber lost her head. Weak glue.. haih~

Here are some old images from my old uploads. Brace for impact bro..

Although this Saber isnt as bad as Sader, but originally her neck was so long till i had to cut it shorter. Guess the glue i used was weak which explains it no longer able to hold her head now. Well, I did fix saber at the least.

Should i kill em in raging fire?

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7 responses to “Fake/Stay Night…. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)”

  1. Persocom says :

    Ouch, bootleg gashapon 😡 Purge them with the flames of purification.

  2. optic says :

    Send them to me. I will know how to deal with them. 🙂

  3. e-jump says :

    Old crap stuff that demands fire purification LOL.. Too much TypeMoon fake trading figures as theres high demand.
    Heck i manage to secure my highly valuable FA4 Alter F/HA set when it got released 🙂

    *Didnt manage go get the Alter FA4 TypeMoon characters though 😦
    Anyway, both the sets are my form of transition from gashapons to scaled pvc figures.

    Maybe i should do my Alter set a better photoshoot one of these days 🙂

  4. Hangmen says :

    Slightly less of an eyesore than bootleg Gundams. I mistakenly bought two back in 2004 when I was still naive as most of everyone who just started to take their hobbies more seriously. Those damn bootlegs are currently eating dust in a storeroom. I saved them in case I got a good idea on how to use them, since 1/100 scale gunplas can be used in 1/6 kitbashing.

    PS: Just set those abominations on fire. I’m sure those things will do better in their afterlife.

  5. Tommy says :

    OMG!!!~ These are hideous. Look a the poor quality of the production. You really need to burn.

    I also want to request a link exchange 😀

  6. e-jump says :

    @Hangmen: Booty gundams. Never had gundams, but i was once into car scaled kits. I could understand the RAGE when the pieces didnt fit in well leaving a gaping see thru hole at the seams.
    But these crap can be used as destroyed/damaged kits for diorama.

    @Tommy: Well sure.
    Guess I may need to have a dedicated page with banners for my fellow comrades one of these days.

  7. jen -r m says :

    good return of jen

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