Figma and meme : Billy Herrington

Who would have thought, besides being an internet idol by uploading cute pose clips on youtube like Magibon and Emily, becoming a meme on Japanese Internet via MADs can actually get you fame.

Just who is this guy? Via Wiki:

Herrington has also become an internet meme among the Japanese community after a clip from one of his videos ‘Workout’ was posted on Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website. Over 3000 parody videos of him have been made, many of which utilizes deliberate mishearings (soramimi) of his lines in the porn flick.[14] He is affectionately called “Big Brother” (兄貴 aniki) among the Nico Nico Douga community, and most of his videos are deliberately tagged with “Forest Fairy” (森の妖精 mori no yousei), “Philosophy” (哲学 tetsugaku), or both.[15]

Herrigton seems to have acknowledged this internet fame, and will be a guest at an event hosted by Nico Nico Douga and Garage kit makers Figma and Good Smile Company.[16]

I came to know him some time ago when i got rickrolled into clicking his wrestling striptease antics. But it was just about that, and nothing more, TRUST ME.

Theres an interview session with Billy where he was asked, does he know about the MADs and whats his reaction on them? And yes he did noticed them, and he likes it, and talk about the creativity and efforts of the MAD creators. Check out on Nico Nico Douga.

What interest me that the fact that even figure maker GoodSmileCompany recognize him, made a figma of him, and invited him all the way from the States to Japan for the launch at WonHobby09 yesterday, Feb 14th. You can check out his Figma release coverage at, SankakuComplex and NicoNicoDouga.

Surprisingly, Billy or ANIKI, is a cool and fun guy, like the MADs, spanks his fans, and doesnt afraid of anything LOL.

Later last night, Billy had a nico Live broadcast together with DannyChoo and others. You can head over to DannyChoo’s coverage on the broadcast. I was booted out from the liveroom maybe because it was too full, and a kind comrade streamed the sound.

Overall i dont give shit what Billy does in the past, but the fact that he was a fun guy and well received by his Japanese fans just shows that internet meme is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Way to spend my 14th February LOL.

For WonHobby09 coverage, check out Sankaku, LesterHo’s blog and more will come by today.

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13 responses to “Figma and meme : Billy Herrington”

  1. Life says :

    I’m so buying this bro.

  2. e-jump says :

    @Life: Imagine what you can do with Kyon head
    SO GAR!!
    *also, it comes with shower room

  3. Brian says :

    I remember the first MADs I watched on niconico usually try to slip in the aniki scenes briefly, that’s how I first learned about it. Then again, the niconico annotations try to blot those scenes out. I was kinda freaked out at first. Though I do agree he is a cool guy.

    Guess the thoughts about it can’t escape now since the figure is being released.
    I’ll probably buy it for WTF and LOL purposes from friends. XD

    “Shower room”!?~ LOL

  4. e-jump says :

    @Brian: Haha
    I never came across his pre-MAD scenes activities. So far the MADs i saw was about him clutching and stealing his opponents boxers and vice versa.

    Yeah, the box is somewhat unique where its actually a shower room. Not sure bout that as i havent watch any shower scenes of him yet.

    Lester’s broken link fixed

  5. Persocom says :

    I watched the footage that I missed out with him on the show over at DC and I was rather amused by it. I thought it was quite interesting as well how he got so much fame in Japan that he even has a Figma. Not sure I’ll get it though but who knows XD I guess internet memes are a force all their own.

  6. optic says :

    Max Factory doesn’t make a figma out of anyone and for them to make one of him, they are really trying to spread to their products to the non-anime community.

  7. e-jump says :

    I think GSC/MaxFac want to do something different, like some time ago the dude in box gundam got turned into a garage kit(who was also a meme).
    Well, i bet if Hard Gay still active today he possibly get one figma out of him too :p

  8. meronpan says :

    hahahah the whole billy herrington thing cracks me up. if i wasn’t on a tight budget, i’d definitely snatch up the figma for the lulz ^_^

  9. Sarah says :

    This is really funny. The issue with Mr Herrington is not his career of choice, either porn or escorting. The fact is I thought the Japanese expected class an morales higher than what people in the US expect! People in the US won’t touch this guy! I never thought the Japanese culture would idealize a man with absolutely no morals or conscience. This man is truly crazy, narcissistic, abusive, has a criminal record, steals, mooches, blah, blah, blah… He completely disrespects his fellow man and woman. He uses gay men and beautiful women to exploit money from. I think it’s terrible the Japanese are idolizing him this way, he’s a horrible person! In the US we won’t even refer to him as a man, he’s trash in our culture.

  10. Pujia says :

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    gr8 resrch bro?

  11. Barbara97 says :

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