Getting Older + 1

Happy birthday to me ♪~♪
Happy birthday to meeeeeeee ♪♪
Happy birthday to another ronery year ♪~
Happy…… ;___;
Yeah, I just got older by another year today.

Sorry for no updates on stuffs especially the weekly 4chan dosage. It has been a hectic life for me for the past few weeks, working at average 11hrs a day, and even weekend support. And it seems to go on until end of this quarter.

Oh well, reality is cruel and tough, be it with or without the current economic downturn.

In before “OH You”, “Y U SO RONERY?” etc etc..

Anyway, since theres no cake delivery in my area, I ended up with pizza instead. Hey, Dominos aint that bad. Celebrating with Gin-sama, I also got myself some presents.

As you can see, theyre an external flash and battery pack. This Sony F58AM flash is one of the latest ones out there and will be the new lighting source for my Alpha 300. And the Energizer 2500mAH NiMH rechargeables should be powerful enough to power up the flash. Cant wait to play/learn the flash :3

Will my next anniversary be another ronery one? ┐(-。ー;)┌

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21 responses to “Getting Older + 1”

  1. samejima says :

    Happy Bday pal.

  2. e-jump says :

    @samejima: thanks bro

    post fixed. wp being faggy, only posted half of my writings.

  3. omo says :

    happy bday~

  4. optic says :

    Happy Birthday matey. ^^
    Ah, Dominos are nice. Have it at least once a month at work.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says :

    Happy birthday. ^_^

  6. Brian says :

    Hey, Happy Birthday!

    By the way..did you get my e-mail by any chance? It was the one related to the Pun-Colle.

  7. Panther says :

    Happy birthday!

  8. e-jump says :

    Thanks guys.. Your wishes really made my day better.
    Only 1 childhood friend remembers it. so ronery…

  9. Kona says :

    Happy Birthday, e! I actually remembered it before I saw this post, but you seem afk in IRC… 😦
    I hope you’ll have nicer days ahead of you. :3

  10. iKo says :

    Happy birthday dude!

  11. razrig says :

    Happy birthday man huhu…

  12. WiseFreman says :

    Happy Birthday e-jump ^_^

  13. Aoshi says :

    GREAT! Now we can compare penises flashguns too! Time to get a diffuser or DIY one next.

  14. Aoshi says :

    Apparently the strike doesn’t work.

  15. Quazacolt says :

    yo elompat! happy birthday 😀
    and you on march too? fuck yeah same here hahahaha.

    ill post my bday post ASAP as well. as i get to somewhat celebrate it with TFM folks, and.. I HAS CAKE… TWO of em too XD~

  16. Hangmen says :

    Happy birthday dude. Mine’s on the 18th of March.

  17. gordon says :

    birthday happy i wish u. monitor too bright is it not?

  18. Rin says :

    HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!

  19. Blowfish says :

    Happy Belated Birthday Mate!

  20. e-jump says :

    happy late thanks
    girly happy tears were shed

    on a side note, i have a big belated present for myself.
    *see next post

  21. Shin says :

    Happy Belated Birthday! 64k internets prevented me from doing much ; ;

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