Yokoso Japan!!! ? ( ゚◡◡゚)

Yokoso Japan…? Feels like you’ve seen or heard of it somewhere? Yeap, its a phrase from the Visit Japan Campaign brought up by The Gov. of Japan few years ago. *source

So what does Yokoso Japan have anything to do with my post?

Well, I’ll be heading to Japan end of this month for the Hanami(sakura blossom viewing) and of course to rest my mind and inner soul after a hectic quarter.

I’ll be picking up my Japan Visa today noon if my application went through. I hope everything went fine in the process, as i did not recieve any call from the Embassy that my application is missing something. Yeah, for us Malaysian, we still need Visa to enter Japan even our planned stay is less than a month.

Feel free to suggest me what should I do/check out  as I’m still planning my itinerary for the 9days stay in Tokyo.

*Will post my itinerary in next post later

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8 responses to “Yokoso Japan!!! ? ( ゚◡◡゚)”

  1. double says :

    I suggest the soaplands.

  2. Hangmen says :

    Visit Akihabara if you have the chance. There are plenty of interesting places there if you know what I mean.

  3. misao says :

    1. go to odaiba (fuji tv building) then ride ferry across tokyo bay until asakusa
    you can see nice view of odaiba from the ferry also the odaiba bridge view also tremendous.
    odaiba bridge during the night : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mytuur/68997880/
    fuji tv building : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bondesu/2923646767/

    a bit hard to shoot the scenery beause the ferry is moving and bouncy

    when you arrive at akasaka dont forget to shoot its trademark – kaminari no mon
    浅草の雷門 - Asakusa's Thunder Gate

    2. yokohama china town, ride this ferris wheel to see the night view of yokohama
    Ferris wheel
    you need to be very strong to ride the thing if you are alone because the place will be crowded with couple and will grin at you

    3. harajyuku yoyogi park front
    don’t ever miss this, its where all the cosplayers goth punk and goth lolis lepak-lepak most of the time
    turun at harajuku JR station and just walk down takeshita street – is the trendious and watch out for the world best street fashionist there

    lolitas at takeshita street – http://www.flickr.com/photos/byronedwards/2860399365/

    they will be sitting around near harajuku station and yoyogi park –
    Harajuku Girls

    if me – i skip 1 and 2 and camp at 3 for the whole week LOL

  4. ultimaweaponx says :

    you can always eat at tenya (てんや)
    foods are cooked with vegetable oils and most of menus are tempura based
    most important thing is they didnt serve pork
    my fave food is tendon 天丼 (or powerup version 特丼)
    U can find theres 2 tenya shop at akihabara

    take care

  5. Rin says :

    You must go to Akihabara!!!!!!
    Here in Canada…we don’t need anything else but a plane ticket and passport…
    That’s basically it…

  6. e-jump says :

    Thanks guys for the input..
    i will definitely check em out
    currently I’m still swimming in the piles of my job tasks..

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