Tokyo Day 1 – Lost to MinamiSenju

Actually this is a delayed post by 2 days, as I already arrived in Tokyo 2 days ago. Upon of my arrival at 7am, its freakin cold. Its already spring in Japan, but the weather range is from 3C to 12C.. Super cold for me who has been living in a hot climate country

From Narita to Ueno, took the Limited Express.. Kinda cheapest around. Arrived in Ueno at noon and got myself SUICA. From from here the adventure begins. It so happen that I did not thoroughly study where my Hotel actually situated causes me loosing alot of time and energy.

The free maps that i picked up  at the airport are in English alright, but its not detailed as not all street names are in there. So I do not know where I am actually. And my nokia 5800xm GPS isnt helpful either as the map is not detailed and up to date (may hotel is not in the accommodation list.

Thank god that the locals were very helpful eventhough they do not speak english. I felt all my wasted times watching animu and jdrama paid me back well, as I could at least grasp the basic of the basic of left, right red light, Joban, Eki etc etc..

Arrived at the hotel at 2pm, and went to sleep due to tiredness. So basically it was my fault to think that  its possible to walk from Ueno JR station to Minami-senju. I did not went anywhere on Day1 aside from getting to know the neighborhood’s marts.

This is what the neighborhood where I stayed for now looked like. pretty laid back.

Late lunch/tea time snacks ;__;  Meronpan with crossaint(sp?) and a pack of yakult.

At dinnertime, a friend drop by and taught me on how to get proper foods and go about  in tokyo using various JR lines.  As a muslim, I cant simply eat stuff here, whats more that I cant read the ingredients as i has 0 japanese  reading abilities.

Tried the take out ebi tempura set bento

Guess one cant simply slide into Japan and assume everything will go Keikaku doori

TL note: keikaku means plan

16 responses to “Tokyo Day 1 – Lost to MinamiSenju”

  1. desudesu says :

    I’m so urayamashii bro. You’re traveling alone? On business, or took a leave (hurr hurr forced holiday leave due to economy)?

    TL note: urayamashii means jealous.

  2. kusakabemisao says :

    ganbare , i hope you will survive haha

  3. e-jump says :

    @desudesu: im on a ronery trip after a shitty period of work.
    and you know what? my boss ask me to constantly check the email.
    WTF dude, WTF??

    @misao: so far im surviving.. but with my current pace, covering all tokyo in 8days wont be easy..
    i just covert some parts of akiba, ueno(+zoo), shibuya crossing, harajuku/yoyogi and asakusa..
    hell theres ginza, roponggi, odaiba, yokohama etc etc yet to cover.. WTF!!!?

  4. Brian says :

    Sounds more of a chore than an actual vacation.

    I was going to say to visit the bullet trains/Shinkansen, but it sounds like you already have a lot, so I won’t force it.

    Well, have fun, hoping you survive.

  5. Blowfish says :

    Oh your muslim?Okay that makes the whole buying food thing rather tricky.
    You could stick to only eating Kobe-CattleMeat but thatll make you poorer than a churchmouse.
    Hope to see some more coverage soon 😀

  6. Shin says :

    Kakkoii hanashi, aniki!

  7. Marny says :

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  8. Hangmen says :

    Don’t forget to buy sum doujins, and Tenga.

  9. gordon says :

    in situations like this, bringing lots of maggi mee helps solve the food problem. (‘~’)

  10. e-jump says :

    Thanks for the advice guys..
    sorry that i couldnt keep up with my updates..
    i still cant get used to the sun/daytime here as the sun comes up and down at 5++
    i will spend a day in a traditional ryokan(as the site claims) so i will try to catch up with my image gallery at least.

  11. James says :

    suge- ore mo nihon e ikitai !!
    how s the cost of living over there

  12. ultimaweaponx says :

    I’ll probably go there to see the real size Gundam…

    Good Luck.

  13. Rin says :

    Have fun in Tokyo and you better go to Akihabara!!!!!!!
    Good luck in Japan!!!!!
    I’ll be waiting for photos…and a lot of it!!!!!!
    Well…when I head to Tokyo…the good thing I arrive in Tokyo around 3PM and taking the bus to Ikebukuro…where I’m staying…

  14. e-jump says :

    @James: The cost of living depents on curency conversion. For malaysian, its high as the rate is like 3.8.
    I will share all the info and tips I has once i got back in malaysia.

    @ultima: yep, the gundam will be available by june i guess

    @rin: If you came from narita, better get the train to ikebukuro. Its faster. You can chose NEX, limited express and skyliner. Skyliner is the cheapest but slowest among three

  15. milo-samq says :

    wow… gambate in nippon e-jump 🙂

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