Back from Japan: Maid Cookie

Just got back from Tokyo Japan last night. Felt the time moved so fast that my time was up for my Tokyo stay ;__;

I did not spend a fortune on my souvenirs while i was there, so here i would like to share what i brought back.

– Maid Cookies at LAoX : 680yen
– GAMERS Guides for Jan/Feb/Mar : Free
– Toranoana Guide : Free
– Spring anime Guide : Free
– Nico Nico Douga Mug : 200yen from UFO catcher (i believe it was 200)
– Fauna Max Fac : Super cheap. Not disclosing her price
– Toehoe paper holder or the heavy thing you put on paper to hold it from fly away : 600yen
– Various kitkats : 130yen a piece (Dont ask me why i buy kitkats. I also dunnu LOL)
– Macross F postcard : Free
– Acasius Boarding School guide/map : Free
– Kaleido Ruby Cospa namecard holder : 1050yen

You dont really need to spend a fortune for your Akiba memories 🙂

LOL Free items

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23 responses to “Back from Japan: Maid Cookie”

  1. Aoshi says :

    On your next trip, please stuff me in your luggage.

  2. Honoo says :


  3. Hangmen says :

    All these goods and no Men’s Pocky? HERESY.

  4. e-jump says :

    @Aoshi : Try asking Shah to smuggle you there in Summer

    @Hono: Was lucky to find her on sale at Animate.

    @Hangmen : No Pocky and Tenga this time around

  5. digitalboy says :

    Waht Aoshi said. You can cut me up if you have to.

  6. Rin says :

    Really nice Ejump!!!
    I got the Maid in Tokyo cookies…still haven’t opened them though…I want to but I’ll keep them for another day…
    Want that Macross postcard!!!
    Ah…no photos of Japan…

    • e-jump says :

      theres lots of maid cookies in LaoX akiba, but this one is the most moe~ ..
      Tsundere cookie less relevant to my interest..

      I will upload my Japan pics ASAP, sort by day

  7. wolfx says :

    LAWL….u sure no tenga or u just didn’t display it?

  8. Quazacolt says :




  9. ultimaweaponx says :

    I saw ur flickr got many japan photos so i jump here… welcome back

    Wait, did u go to meido cafe?

  10. waffo says :

    I do not recommend dipping the maid cookies in beer.

  11. desudesu0 says :

    >Fauna Max Fac : Super cheap. Not disclosing her price
    Silly ejump, shit was going for barely 2000yen a while ago at HLJ. Won’t be impressed unless you got it for cheaper.

  12. Shin says :

    I can’t believe there’s no porn.

  13. e-jump says :

    @desu: oh shiiiiii………..
    i got it slightly higher.. but at least i dont get poslaju delivery..

    @shin: hmmm.. i do has some.. but kind of 3D..

  14. gordon says :

    i agree with no need to spend a fortune for your Akiba memories. sight seeing and taking pictures is more important to me. ^^;

  15. Lucius says :

    cookies inside! and a pvc figurine!

  16. Girdley says :

    Hi! Very nice blog, back to reading, bye!

  17. Zhlink says :

    So much Kit-Kat.
    I’d probably die from chocolate overdose.

  18. Osterberg says :

    Are you serious?! I guess I shouldn’t be suprised anymore…

  19. Dunmore says :

    Nice way that you present your ideas. You have a well set out blog and I will check back again. Thank you.

  20. Majcher says :

    cool picsxxx

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