Tokyo Day 2 – Hanami, and a taste of Akiba

Day 1 totally exhaust me, so my exploration began on day 2(Sunday 29th). It was challenging to get around the Japanese train system especially when the route map at the station are in Japanese, and stations on Yamanote lines are huge where it has bajillions of exits.

Ueno Park, Ueno

I actually lost my way to find the correct exit in Ueno Eki in order to head on gathering spot with my friends.

It surprised me that most of the locals I asked do not know where/what is Hard Rock Cafe. that is located at the Central exit.

Went straight to Ueno Park once I found my way. No thanks to my 5800xm GPS and the installed map.

Ueno Park was crowded with people even its only 9 in the morning. According to the Sakura Blooming forecast (no kidding, they have Sakura forecast for whole region in Japan, most likely the ‘only in Japan’ thing) at my time of visit the Sakura is not in full bloom yet.

Me and few other Malaysians had a picnic in the park. Some of us stayed in Japan and others are on vacation.

Spotted Obama, charging up his powerlevelz under a Sakura tree.


Later at noon I head down to Akihabara for the first time.

Touhou demo and merchandise shop. Yukkuri~

The I stoped by Live Park Akiba to check out whats going on. It seems these 2 ladies were performing live. But I dont know who they were 😦

If anyone know who these 2 ladies are, do let me know.

The sun seems to go down fast, so I quickly hopped the JR heading Harajuku/Yoyogi Park to try some luck for cosplayers.

Yoyogi Park, Harajuku Side

Some cosplayers i guess… at the bridge

What surprised me is that despite theres a lot of young lads in fancy outfit and hairdos, they do not want their picture to be taken. They only allow oyaji’s with big lens DSLR and portable printers to snap them. WTF?!

And below are pictures taken at the Yoyogi Park entrance

Harajuku streets, still packed with people even when its getting dark.

Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya

And Finally back to my laid back neighborhood, Minami Senju at midnight

*Feel free to check out my flickr gallery for more pics.


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12 responses to “Tokyo Day 2 – Hanami, and a taste of Akiba”

  1. jayhan says :

    Nice pictures e-jump. Wow, Yoyogi Park on Sunday is really full of cosplayers. I went on Monday and the cosplayers aren’t there hahaha.

  2. Leon says :

    Eh? E-jump, are you from Singapore?

    Can you help me find a Haro there? ._.

    Neh, this 1.

    Willing to buy from you at $100SGD since its like, 4k yen or smth there. Extra 30 bucks to bring it back should be worth it….right? 😀

  3. e-jump says :

    @jayhan: I was unlucky too.. only few cosplayers there. Most others are normal guys and girls in VK, gothloli, jRock and such.

    @Leon: Sorry, Im from Malaysia.
    However throughout my scouting, I did not encounter speaking Haro. I do encounter Haro big as football size 5, but you can put stuff in ti. A button can make his flaps open.

  4. Shin says :

    Missed out on Harajuku(they were packing up by the time I arrived) because I went hunting for mikos down at Meiji Jingu.

  5. Rin says :

    You did a lot in one day!!!
    Just wow!!!
    For me…I’ll stay in an area for 1 day…like Akihabara…
    Now…I think I should go redo my plan for Japan as I now have more places I want to go…
    Really nice photos!!!!!!

  6. Hangmen says :

    I got a nice stiffy when I saw the ‘Akihabara’ sign the first time, like the one I post in my blog entry last year.

  7. e-jump says :

    @Rin: Dont limit yourself a place a day. You need to move around.
    Reserve the weekend for Akiba/Yoyogi-park and maybe ikebukuro.

    Places that you may want to check out for hobby stuffs :Akiba, Ikebukuro/Otome Road, Nakano Broadway.. Maybe Odaiba/Tokyo Big Sight too for the most sacred otaku grounds.

    @Hangmen: Akiba sign, they has cookies and towels too :3

  8. Persocom says :

    cool pictures, doesn’t surprise me about the people being picky about having their picture taken… though I think it’s rather dumb.

  9. Brian says :

    Cool pics, must have seemed very lively.

    I never knew that there is an actual Touhou merchandise store. I’ll probably drag someone there sometime, if I ever do go. XD

  10. dono says :

    i will come to japan

  11. AK says :

    Looks like you had fun man. Never knew Yoyogi Park was so lively.

    LOL’d at the Obama.

    At that lady at Live Park Akiba. Her chest looks kinda tight, lol.

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