Tammy 1750F28 in the house

Just picked up a new gear today, a Tamron 17-55 f2.8 XR DiII for my Alpha. And hard earned monies has flown.

Comparing to my Sony kitlens SAL1870 F3.5-5.6, this is a brighter lens with constant F2.8 across the focal length. Obviously I now lose the zoom range fo 51-70, but i still think for indoor photoshoots, this lens will come in handy. Oh, and the bokeh…

Few reviews highlights Tamron 1750F2.8 as best bang of the bucks for its performance over price ratio, although its well known for barrel distortion at widest angle.

It is slightly heavier than my SAL1870, and has bigger diameter at 67mm. Some crappy samples below. Maybe i should start doing figure photoshoot as its hot and sunny for the past few days.

Some people RAGE at 3rd party lens for being shitty, manufacturer built lens more quality, yadayada. But with my current skill and ability, i guest Tamron suits me for the affordability over Sony, G and Ziess offerings.


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