Just passing by with my Minorin

Yeah, i know i’m kinda slowpoke as the singles ‘Paradise Lost’ has been out for months already.

My copy just arrived today from PlayAsia, in 1 piece without damage.

I believe I haven’t post any information about Chihara Minori coming to Malaysia for a mini-concert, did I? Maybe I’ll post about that later for those who didnt know bout it.


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3 responses to “Just passing by with my Minorin”

  1. Rin says :

    Chihara Minori is going to be in Malaysia…
    That is so unfair…
    I would love to see her in concert…
    You think your a slowpoke… I don’t even have her CD…

  2. Quazacolt says :

    ill see you there then 😛

    oh and slowpoke LOL!

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