Peek at DaiCon’09 Day 1: Minorin goes “Waah!..Kuma-san.. kawaii~”

Just got back from Chihara Minori aka Minorin Panel session at DaiCon Cyberjaya Malaysia. Overal the event seems to go smooth all the way from the morning till the end of today, although I can see a slow crowd growth in the morning-to-noon.

<- Minorin held my Kuma-san

1st of all, I would like to apologize to all AWSM pass holders if you think me handing Minorin the bear delays everything up and cause some of you unable to shake hands with Minorin. I was told/informed by someone from the management committee via IRC that the manager was not happy about the bear because it delays everything(the autograph session) to beyond 7pm. Yeah, i feel offended by the biased blame and its not a joke, as when i stood up there, greet her ohaiyo, get sign, give bear, shook hands, and go down w/o any extra chat that barely exceeds 2 minutes.

Actually i got pissed when this informer said she feels like throwing the bear away and laugh together with the manager.

Well yes, I was the one who handed her the bear. Although I have no proof except the plastic bag as I forgot to snap the bear pic beforehand =__=” But Im glad Minorin and the translator liked and OK with it. Minorin did went “Waah!..Kuma-san.. kawaii~” (;゚ Д゚)ℳℴℯ❤

The panel went well with few laughter here and there on the questions, but one or two of them were inappropriate and get a little personal, but Minorin interestingly answered them in a way that sounds funny and logic at the same time rather goes “ok, next question please”. Mizunaga was besides me jotting down the info bits, so i’ll link to hist post when he has it up on his blog on the Q and A’s .

Anyway, the cosplays turnaround was good, but not at best as ComicFiesta and GACC had as I heard few regular cosplayers went down Singapore for CosFes(Cosplay Festival) instead. It will take me some time to fix and post pics up, so stay tuned for my best DaiCon cosplay post.

I’m looking forward to the concert tomorrow and I bet its gonna be crazy as few of her fans actually flew from Japan for her and im pretty much sure they’re all well prepared for the concert (☞゚◡◡゚)☞


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14 responses to “Peek at DaiCon’09 Day 1: Minorin goes “Waah!..Kuma-san.. kawaii~””

  1. TP says :

    Indeed, e-jump. Everybody’ll cream when she performs tomorrow. 😛

  2. TheFuzzy says :

    Congratulations dude! Not many can pull that off.

    If I were you I’d just ignore ’em. Retaliating to fire only feeds it more.
    Unless you can prove an un-arguable point.

    • e-jump says :

      Thanks Fuzzy.
      I will not argue with anyone. Just that I feel like apologizing to other fans if they think what i did in extra few seconds ‘really’ took their opportunity.

      @TP: yep, cant wait.. its less than 20hrs to go

  3. hanhan says :

    nice pic! anyways minorin look so cute in person ^_^

    would look forward for her Live concert tomorrow. see you there!

  4. Mizunaga says :

    I am jealous of your Minorin photos. orz
    I have no good ones, only fail.

    Also, I fail to see how just giving a bear delays the autograph session until 7PM. There were tons of other people who stayed up there longer JUST to talk with her. -_- I’d say giving a bear is a better “waste of time”.

    • e-jump says :

      Well, actually the originals was worst because my flash batt died. I totally rely on ISO3200 =__=”

      Since i have yet to receive any angry awsm-holder rage post, looks like its only a one side committee butthurt issue

  5. omo says :

    You should apologize for the delay, but definitely do not regret for being awesome for giving a gift Minorin likes!

    Anyways, that’s just my 2c and not knowing the details of what happened I can’t give you any pointers. Do learn from this experience and make the next gift more efficient!

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Omo. Thanks.
      I still remember all your pointers back in NY.
      I indeed have no regrets, and apologize in text to any angry fans if theres any.

      Minorin is WIN :3

  6. 迷糊學長 says :

    i dint know something like this happened XD
    was happy enough that minorin did a live autograph session…
    cause signing 120 times in a day, continuous is not as easy as it sounds.
    and i was happy enough i managed to have a 30 second chat with her XD
    she spell and speak and write my name ^^”
    and even commented on my japanese =p

    • e-jump says :

      As for me, my Japanese vocabs is just barely enough for me to survive in Tokyo.
      I FAIL for greeting her Ohaiyo orz.. She laughed and replied Konnichiwa :p

      Wonderful time were had, and i am happy

  7. 迷糊學長 says :

    its almost 6pm and you are saying ohaiyo?
    ohaiyo means good morning fyi~ OwO
    konnichiwa is good enough O3O
    i dont consider myself good in japanese… but i manage to pull it off with simple volcab =D

  8. Quazacolt says :

    congratulations on your kuma 😛

    oh and you’re not the only one who flipped the fool switch when trying to communicate with her LOL

    things should’ve been simple, however kuzu wanted me to pass his blog card along too and it all went to hell… oh wells at least she accepted them anyways despite my fail moonlanguage >_<

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