Chihara Minori LIVE @ DaiCon’09 Day2

The Minorin LIVE concert, Feels good man ( ´ω`)

*No concert photography allowed.

I’m happy that the money and time I spent to get the 1st row seating for the concert was well worth it. The experience I had in there, fuuuuh…. was incomparable to Rie Tanaka NYAF’08 and May’n AFA’08 event/concert that i have attended.

The atmosphere

No, theres nothing wrong with Rie’s and May’n’s performance, but the atmosphere at Minorin’s concert here was way beyond my expectation by many folds of awesomeness and simply exceptional, making the two events i previosly mentioned feels so small.

The hall lightings were shut off during the concert, and the only lightings left are on the stage. Sure feels like a concert.

Need to thank the members of Minorin Smile Seasons(M.S.S) fanclub for their effort in shedding us some info in creating the atmosphere similar to how a concert runs/to be enjoyed in Japan. While these guys flew all the way from Japan just to support Minorin, they even bother to prepare us some relevant equipments and documentations. Custom flag too.

I’m not sure how a concert feels in Japan since i have never been to one and only saw DVD’s of it. I hope what we had here is almost as what you get in Japan.

Some of the MSS guys actually arrived since morning, waited until 3pm at the hall just for the concert, and did nothing else.

Minorin’s Performance

I just cant describe it in words.. It was…. simply MARVELOUS….. Super awesome beyond 9000 awesome units as per my scouter readings.

It didnt come anywhere in my sane mind that this concert will be a full 2hrs length concert. Having 13 songs performed was a blessing. Unfortunately I dont know the songs performed and its sequence as I only know Paradise Lost 😦

After 3 Songs performed, she introduces her self. “Apa Khabar semua? Nama saya Chihara Minori” (Malay) literally means ‘Hello everybody? My Name is Chihara Minori’. She did pick up few simple Malay phrases like Terima Kasih(Thank you) etc 🙂

Everyone was on hyper-trance-arm mode during the concert, jumping and waving the glowstick to the tempo. Few guys burst their glowsticks LOL. The MSS guys sure has loads of stamina, as they can jump and wave the glowsticks for 2 straight hours making it looks easy like eating pudding.

After the 10th song, Minorin left the stage. At that point the MSS members in front of me started shouting EN-KO-RU! EN-KO-RU! (Encore!). Then everyone else slowly picked it up and shout together.

Minorin then reappeared with awesome gift:

1. She wore a Malaysian traditional clothes, the Kebaya. She was so pretty in it ( *≖‿≖*) Lovely❤

2. She then performed 3 Encore songs, this I was told, its the first ever.

Anyway, Minorin is way prettier in person than in magazine photos. With Kabaya, its <9000.

Interesting Colour Codes

Apparently theres like somewhat glowstick colour codes to every Minorin songs that were performed that i guess goes with the tempo. Interesting and fascinating. Needs to find out is there such unwritten guide for these at all her concert performances, if theres any.


Overall, I really enjoyed the concert. The experience i had was priceless, despite my hand hurts for waving the stick too hard and long LOL. Happy tears were shed inside my heart. I just feel that my post still unable/cant describe how awesome it was. I need to build my stamina for any upcoming event.

I really hope the management would consider to come up with Minorin DaiCon (insert radish logo here) LIVE~ DVD. I’d buy it without a second thought.

Aside from that, I really hope other Seiyuu/Artist management company will consider South East Asia as a potential a stop for an event/concert tour.

Thank you Minorin. (´・ω・)つ

Malaysian/SEA fans will miss you 。・゚・(ノ◡◡`)・゚・。

update July 13th—-

From Minorin’s blog post she did last night, she mentioned that she actually wore the Kebaya secretly for the Encore (or something along the lines) 🙂

But the picture posted is not the Kebaya she wore in the LIVE concert. It looks to me more like the traditional Malaysian Baju Kurung Kedah with Kain Sarong/Batik. Minorin looks beautiful in it and with her hairdo :3

(source of pic from Minorin’s blog)

p/s: trance-arm = TransAm .. got the pun?

—update July 15th—-

Arkaile clarified that the lightsticks are actually sponsored by a group of Singapore and Malaysia fans instead of Japanese fans. However, it’s true that the flags are sponsored by the Japanese fans.

Please refer to these blogposts for more information about the fans project that these Singapore and Malaysia fans had really put in effort for.プロジェクト・光海/プロジェクト・光海-with-english-translation/プロジェクト・光海-with-english-translation/

Kudos to all JP-MY-SG Minorin fans.


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11 responses to “Chihara Minori LIVE @ DaiCon’09 Day2”

  1. TP says :

    It seems that you have the most enjoyable time there. I think what made this event more memorable (as I see in #Daicon) is that a lot of community effort went into celebrating with Minori as she performed in front of her fans. It’s what made the experience truly worth the money and time attending.

    Please treasure your memory well, e-jump. Such times are lived once.

  2. miner says :

    Great concert indeed…but with little regret that none photo and video to make it memorable and some blue board block the view from far behind the seating. Just feel about weird for the stage lighting…the lighting only focus at center of the stage, and when minorin go to left and right, it is dark at all.

  3. e-jump says :

    Feels good man~
    And my hand still hurts today. Its a proof that im still alive 😀

    @miner: LOL.
    The spotlight sometimes missed Minorin.
    But everyone includes Minorin herself enjoyed the time and felt excited.

  4. hanhan says :

    I miss you Minorin 😦 matta ne…

  5. Fujii_Itsuki says :

    Thanks for the upclose shot on the flag and trilingual intro paper they provided! Wow, they’re certainly true fans…feeling kinda ashamed that I only bought a ticket last minute but it was totally worth it! =D

    I posted the full translation of her blog entries btw. DaiCon’s CF thread here:

  6. e-jump says :

    Wonderful experience were had. Unfortunately no photography allowed during concert. So upclose shots of the things i’ve got would be gladly shared.

    Theres a very small chance that Minorin or her management agency, or MSS members will saw this post. But if they do, I hope that they got the massage that someone who dont really understand Japanese language enjoyed the performance to the fullest 🙂

    Its already Tuesday, and my hands still aches. Feels good man~

  7. 迷糊學長 says :

    the best LIVE i ever had.
    but compared to those that minorin held in japan,
    we are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uncompareable @@”
    go watch her LIVE tour Contact 2008 and you’ll know what i mean.
    srsly, our sync is really not in order
    bah. but its really the best time i had in my 19 life
    but it just has to stay in my memory
    and memory is fragile O_Q

  8. The Envoy says :

    It was actually my first J-pop concert.

  9. Quazacolt says :

    lol late comment is late…

    and oTL i am one of the guys who gg’ed their glow stick…. my entire arm was glowing as the fluid flowed over it…. >_<

    cant say it wasnt kewl as hell though LOL

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