Back from GACC’09

Sup gais.

Another poste after a month HIATUS. I’m still alive, and just got back from GACC’09 Melaka last night. I will need to upload my pics fast before I lost my momentum.

In the mean time, shake your head to What is Love clip, GACC’09 version 🙂

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3 responses to “Back from GACC’09”

  1. TheFuzzy says :

    I burst out in laughter at the 50th second mark. First time I’ve seen a cosplay ******** like that.

    Can’t wait for your pics dude. And welcome back from your hiatus! Give me 2 more days to get back from mine.

  2. ks says :

    haha oh man. that guy in the white (at 0:50) started humping that girl like there was no tomorrow. i like the chubster girl who got left out on the side and is awkwardly trying to remain dancing like nothing’s wrong.

    damn. im not super into anime, but i feel like it would be so fun to go to one of these. Like, i woulda jumped up and rocked the crap outta that stage. …ah.. some day perhaps

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