Its unusual for me to attend big event quite late into the day. But last Saturday, I only arrived at GACC’09 in Melacca at around 3pm. I had some stuff going on the the morning, and thinking I can save some monies by having lunch at home. The drive journey took around 1.5hrs including a stop, I was speeding at some point =__=”

The venue didnt change from last year, but upon my arrival i’m a little surprised but expected. The entrance looks kind of deserted.

My spider sense telling me that the crowd has shrunk by about 50% compared to last year. Obviously its because of AH1N1 pandemic where Melacca recently has some case.

The In-Hall layout was slightly different than last year, as the console gaming section now has moved into the other hall, so they can blast the speakers like theres no tomorrow.

At point of my arrival, the stage was occupied by group cosplay skit contestants. Not much pics as video camera was much preferable for such activity.

Cosplay time, shall we?

I noticed i only has few cosplayers pics on Day1 =__=” Anyway, feel free to visit my image gallery here for more pics.

Band was kind of cool. Sang Rainbow Girl(oh so RONERY), played FLCL Ride on Shooting Star, and doesnt afraid of anything. Check this out if you never heard of Rainbow Girl

Event ended with a Chibi Matsuri, which is soooo chibi I cant see it Cap’n.

I ended my day pretty horribly as I didnt have accomodation/book a place to stay. I wasted 2hrs lurking around Melaca for a hotel as most of them are fully booked or so darn expensive. In the end settled myself in a shitty hotel which i wont call it a hotel (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE

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5 responses to “GACC Day1: Oh so RONERY”

  1. tj han says :

    Are Malaysians that scared of H1N1? Because nowhere else in the world is the alert still going on. People are just treating it as a regular flu!

  2. Ted says :

    Congratulations Ejump! Our selection committee compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 Cosplay Blogs, and yours was included! Check it out at

    You can claim your Top 100 Blogs Award Badge at


  3. TheFuzzy says :

    Yes Rainbow Girl makes you feel ronery.

    Goddamn that’s a hot…guitar. =D

  4. Hangmen says :

    >>Rainbow Girl

    So ronery. ;_;

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