Got VISA? PlayAsia-VISA 20% Summer Sales

Stumbled across this information like 15 minutes ago on PlayAsia while I was checking if theres any price drop on my watchlist items. Havent been buying stuff for months already.

In partnership with VISA, from now until September 6th, all in-stock items except those that have been released during the last 30 days, are discounted by 20%. Please be reminded that this is a VISA exclusive promotion, only valid for orders paid with your VISA card directly at


I have tried already on an item, and you can also use your affiliate points if theres any. At the end of the payment process after you have entered your CreditCard no., if its VISA the new price will be displayed/updated before you click confirm payment.

The catch will be its applicable to only on-shelf items older than 30days. Quick, it will last till next week 6th Sept 🙂


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3 responses to “Got VISA? PlayAsia-VISA 20% Summer Sales”

  1. Optic says :

    I flicked through their items on hand and there wasn’t anything I really really wanted. Besides, 20% off isn’t really much overall. :S

  2. mistah_bushido says :

    Is it just me, or does it not work on their weekly specials?

    I’m trying to buy this with my Visa, and it doesn’t knock 20% off.

    • e-jump says :

      you better be joking bro..
      Its already 50% off, and you want another 20%?

      Anyway, i did check it and its not off by additional 20% even w/ visa.
      You can try the helpdesk

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