NYAF’09 with AKB48, Yui Makino, Tomino & more

Its already September and NYAF”09 is just around the corner. Still not too late for the announcement.

For those who dont know, NYAF or New York Anime Festival is a Anime/Manga/Japanophile Convention that will be held in New York Jacob Javits Center, Manhattan on 25th to 27 September. I added in Japanophile because besides the regular anime/manga thingie like doujin, merchandise and cosplay, they also have concerts and other Japanese related stuff showcased that arent anime/manga related too. Last year they even had martial arts demo.

This year they are bringing loads of guests which includes AKB48, Yui Makino (Misaki in NHK), Yoshiyuki Tomino as to name a few. Check out the NYAF site for full list of guests. Looks like this is serious business.

I attended NYAF’08 and many wonderful memories and experience were had. Flew alone from California to NY on a foreign country just to meet Rie Tanaka was a dream come true for me. Unfortunately I wont be attending this year as i’m currently at the otherside of the globe 😦

For those who will be attending, hope you will have a good time at the festival. Dont forget your glowsticks and I bet AKB48 fans from Japan will flock the halls.

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6 responses to “NYAF’09 with AKB48, Yui Makino, Tomino & more”

  1. rain says :

    Yoshiyuki Tomino, Yui Makino.. mmmmm~ I never really got AKB48 though, and yea, I won’t be at AFA 😦

  2. Brian says :

    Hey, e-jump, it’s been a while.

    I just came back from the festival. I’ll tell you all about it whenever I’m not busy, and whenever I get the chance.

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Brian.
      Nice to be hearing from you. Cant wait for your story/report coverage 😀

      • Brian says :

        Okay, I sent it through your Yahoo account, and I kept my point of view as brief as possible. Just don’t go spreading the pictures around. Sorry if it sounds so weird…

        I wished I provided pictures for my trip but I was never good with cameras…

  3. Ashley says :

    Me and my buddy were sitting against this pillar, and Yui Makino almost stepped on us with her giant heals…. Her posse apologized to us.
    It was pretty epic.

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