AFA’09 Ticketing Rate Updates 1UP ┏( ಠ_ಠ)┛

Anime Festival Asia’09 (AFA’09) is coming back to Singapore Suntec City this end of November, and it packs some serious business.

And today AFA main site has officially announce the available ticket types and price rates which covers entrance passes, and  AniSong  exclusive passes.

Last year, they had May’n LiVE Diamond Pass going for SGD118 and limited to 80, and invalid for Aniki concert and vice versa. But this year AFA will be having a mini AnimeLo style concert and the ticket goes by day concert entrance. However VIP pass availability is still unknown.

With the attendance of May’n, Ichirou Mizuki, Shokotan, Fukuyama, Miku (LOL?), K-ON seiyuu and Danny Choo, im pretty much sure fans are looking forward to VIP passes that guarantee them to be able to touch the skin/brofist their idols (☞゚∀゚)☞

Nevertheless, do make sure your keyboard F5 is working fine as 19th October is approaching. Who knows, VIP passes?


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17 responses to “AFA’09 Ticketing Rate Updates 1UP ┏( ಠ_ಠ)┛”

  1. arkaile says :

    Yeah, VIP Pass is a great idea! xD
    Anyway, why 19th October?

    • e-jump says :

      Hi arkaile.

      Last year, may’n VIP Diamond pass were sold out (all 80) within 2 hrs. The sales server became so laggy due to F5 flood LOL

      So it would be best to prepare and buy as soon the sales window opens, since the sgd188 pass will be the earliest sales window. Well, I’m assuming if theres a VIP pass, it will be on sale the earliest than the rest of the passes.

  2. Brian says :

    Hopefully, nothing bad happens again.
    But man, I really want to meet ALL those guys. xD
    Wish you all luck with the VIP passes.

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Brian.
      Hope your fever have subdued. Yep, AFA’09 will be the biggest event of the year, as they will be having 5artist to perform across 2 days(miku included) 😀
      I hope there will be panel sessions for all the guests.

  3. Ryu Shikimori says :

    Hmm…so do you think there is a VIP pass gonna be introduce soon? Or just grap the S$188 2 days pass?

    Anyone going for the ACC’09? ^^

    • e-jump says :

      I’d say lets wait until on the 19th itself. It would create RAGE if the VIP/special pass window sales will open only after the 2-day concert pass, as some fans might already spent monies grabbing the 2-day pass.
      ACC looks more for executives to share on business opportunity, so i’ll pass on that.

  4. Optic says :

    Judging from this post, ur gonna be there this year?

    I might meet ya there as I will be in SG for a week. I planned it so I can enjoy a week at SG while I can still attend AFA09. lol

    Looking forward to it as it will be my first oversea con. event ever. ^^

    • e-jump says :

      Provided I dont get showers of tasks, i will be there too 😀 It will be a few hundred miles down on a bus trip, but nothing beats the atmosphere of Anison/AnimeLo like concert >_<
      Looking forward to meet you. Few other bloggers might come down to SG too, the likes of valho@toysworkz n others.

  5. epic says :

    there will be no VIP or diamond or whatsoever you name it. These are the final price tier based on the bloggers who attend the 2nd announcement. Good luck e-jump. Hope you won’t get beaten up by May’n fans due to the hooha you have created last year. once again. Good luck. LOL. joke la.

    * and i don’t think the organiser will be that stupid to have VIP pass after the 19th when 2 DAY pass go on sale. Based on the feedback for F1 Rocks Singapore, where the cheaper package is out after the expensive one, this is just a stupid move if they do that.

    We are all VIP. That’s what i think. To have the pleasure to see all these stars near my homeland.

    Cheers everyone & buy more F5 key now.

    • e-jump says :

      Thanks for the update. replied my queries too, with the same answer. And the response time was like few minutes after i clicked send D:

      Since they never mentioned the number of tickets available for the concert, just to be safe, just get your passes when the sales window opens 😉

  6. epic says :

    For those who don’t know what is concert pass.

    EXCLUSIVE CONCERT PASS – a nicer collectors pass with landyard that you can get compared to the normal looking pass. This has nothing to do with the front seating or nearer to stage seating.

    NORMAL CONCERT PASS – a normal concert pass with landyard. It can still consider as a collectors just that the exclusive one may have different design that this.

    ABOUT 4 METER WALL – Basically you will not see anything behind that 4 METER WALL. Maybe u can hear a bit, but the sound is not optimized for that area. Based on some blogs, the area beside the 4 METER WALL is AKIBA TOWN where all the retail areas are.

    ABOUT CONCERT AREA – This time, the concert area will take up the whole hall space, and the wall is built to separate between akiba town and the concert area based on some blogs. So, general public with limited capacity will only see from very far compared to those who bought tickets. AS in very limited first come first serve basis.

    ABOUT THE PASSES – 2 DAY PASS Means you get to access to the concert for both days. 1 DAY PASS means you can either choose SATURDAY concert or SUNDAY concert when you purchase your ticket on SISTIC.

    Hope these are clear with those who want to buy tickets but wonder how it works. Pretty simple if you are a concert regulars especially events sold at SISTIC channel.

    * all info are based on blogs and collection of info from the official site and spoke to those who attend the 2nd press preview.

    There is also a PRE-REGISTRATION for 2 DAY NORMAL PASS and 2 DAY STUDENT PASS** only. ( date to be announced soon )

    **Students need to bring a valid student pass along for verification and applies to Singaporean only.

  7. Leon says :

    Hey ejump, you went to AFA08 right? When’s the concert and how’s the event like? Eg, random events at different times during the day and concerts at night? Or what?

    Do you plan on staying at the convention hall all day? O.O

    • e-jump says :

      Hi Leon
      The event started at around 11.
      In the hall itself theres a lot of stuff on display and shops selling stuff.

      If you are a buyfag:
      – you’ll spend up to hrs queuing in line to buy stuff (kknm n such)

      If youre a camerafag:
      – you’ll spend time taking pics of item on display and cosers

      By then, its gonna be your lunch time.
      After that you might want to check out the Panel sessions,
      Concert would probably start around 5/6pm.

      Considering item on sale and cosplayer changes on both days, you gonna get pretty occupied with your time doing your stuff

      • Leon says :

        So… you a buyfag?

        Anyway, is there like, any tips you want to give me? Such as, which stall to go to, what stuff to look out for, what stores would be there…etc.

        n00b anime fan talking here, lol.

        • e-jump says :

          Im a camerafag.

          It depends on what you wanna buy. There will be figures, gundams and other anime merchandises will be on sale and theyre legit

          One thing for sure KKnM shot (its under AFA’09 affiliate list)

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