Capacity upgrade, SanDisk EXtremeIII

Today I’ve decided to splash some monies into upgrading/expanding my DSLR storage capacity after realizing that shooting RAW+JPEG consume too much space over my puny 4Gb MSPD.

The reason I chose RAW+JPEG is because I’m just too plain lazy to convert every RAWs to JPEG and RAW might come in handy if i messed up the exposure and white Balance since im still newbie. I can just edit JPEGs and only use the RAW as backup when JPEG is too hopeless to be repaired. Raw speed of this new CF card is rated at x200 30MB/s Rd/Wr which is good enough for RAW burst mode.

Now with 16Gb+4Gb, I can shoot almost 1000 RAW+JPEG without restriction like theres no tomorrow for a day event. Next event here I come (✂゚∀゚)✂

*Animax pics & report coming up


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2 responses to “Capacity upgrade, SanDisk EXtremeIII”

  1. Hangmen says :



    • e-jump says :

      Definitely not the self-destruct button

      Im still newbie, so i’ll go slow with my gears.

      Shouldnt you get 200mm+ zoom lens since you like sniping pics from distance away?

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