AnimaX ‘Ranka’ Event of the Year! (✂゚∀゚)✂

Ranka overdose as my camera was filled more than 60% of Ranka pics. Sorry for slowpoke report.

Yesterday 10th Oct I attended the Animax Event of the Year! in conjunction of the premiere of Inuyasha new Season The Final Act. On the way to the venue there was a massive traffic jam for whatever reason I dont know. Took me more than an hour to reach for a journey that usually took 35~45mins on a Saturday morning.

I parked my car in the basement, and so on the way up at around 11.30am unexpectedly I stumbled upon the Animax stage that was set outside Berjaya Time Square main entrance. In KL, an outdoor stage event on a hot sunny afternoon just doesnt feel right due to stagnant heat.

I was actually in time for the free premiere screening but i decided to join my friend Razrig accompanying a lonely Ranka. The screening was held on the 10th floor so I dont know whats cooking there. Still learning full manual settings, so forgive me for some substandard Ranka pics >_<

Anyway this was what I mentioned about on my last Animax post, The Animax Youth Council. Will talk more about it on my next post, provided i’m allowed to (may need to ask permission from the Animax management team).

Anyway the stage events covers stage performance of cheerleading flash mob(?) Ranka singing and gigantic flashcard formation. However at the stage area itself I found the lack of Inuyasha promo screening trailers/old season playbacks etc that represents a synopsis of what Inuyasha is all about, where it might be helpful to attract new audience.

Since this is held outdoor, unfortunately for us audience only the cameraman on top of the scaffolded can see the flash card formation =_=”

Sniping in action.

I was disappointed as my cosplay sense didnt tingle due to lack of cosplayers around. I heard that some did came but they did not change into their custume due to the heat.

I’m still unclear why some of the audience were pulled in to line up in front of the stage.

Anyway the stage performance began with the cheerleeding team doing their stuff.

Then followed up with Ranka-chan singing performance. She is a very talented singer. She performed 3 songs, 1st one of Inuyasha theme ‘Dearest’ by Ayumi Hamasaki, then followed up with Macross F songs which I cant recall(sorry Ranka-chan) and Seikan Hikou ☆KIRA★

For the closing stage performance, again by the cherleeding team. Unfortunately I didnt manage to snap good pics since I’m still beginner for fast moving subjects.

Then came the time for audience registration to participate in the Flash Card formation and lucky draw.Me and Razrig was so  hungry we left for lunch, and totally forgotten about the formation event as we chat about camera gears. Duh~ щ(゚Д゚щ)

I’m not sure how everything ended but overall, the event achieved their objective which was purely to promote Inuyasha:The Final Act airing on Ch715 Animax. However theres room for improvements especially on the target synopsis for audience, who do not have an idea what Inuyasha is all about, better location, more clear detailed info on the event itself etc. As for me, I was expecting at least some Inuyasha cosplays ( *≖‿≖*)

Oh, for your information most of the Animax crew (including Ranka) came all the way from Singapore, as the Regional Animax HQ is over there. Kudos to them for the hard work.

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6 responses to “AnimaX ‘Ranka’ Event of the Year! (✂゚∀゚)✂”

  1. Shin says :

    Marry me, Ranka.

  2. Raistlin says :

    Haha stay away from my Ranka guys… 😛

    Yo Nizam! Frank here!
    Do you have Facebook/MSN?

  3. linkinstreet says :

    Where’s my Sheryl? D:

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