Mission AniSong’09, Stage1 Accomplished :D


Stage one mission accomplished 😀


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12 responses to “Mission AniSong’09, Stage1 Accomplished :D”

  1. omo says :


    write it up well~

  2. randoms says :

    Congrats!!!!! See you there also!! I also got mine! Wahahahahahahah! Going to roll around the hall~ 😛

  3. Seinime says :

    Have a great time there!

  4. Netto says :

    20 cents handling fee?! UNACCEPTABLE!


    Enjoy the view!

  5. e-jump says :

    @omo: gonna do that yes

    @randoms: make sure you dont sprain ur ankle rolling

    @Seinime: thanks. I will bring back as much cosplay photos possible

    @Netto: Yeah, i didnt expect the 20c charge. Maybe for the ticket printing cost upon collection

  6. randoms says :

    Yah, this is SISTIC standard charge for the ticket handling. 🙂
    E-jump: Yah, gonna brign some salompas and stick before roll. LOL!

  7. randoms says :

    pre-registration is up! for those who didn’t buy I love anisong tickets, here the chance to get the ticket early! http://www.afa09.com/pre-registration.html

  8. TheFuzzy says :

    Haha, congrats! I’m just biding my time till the 1-day tickets are out.

  9. e-jump says :

    @randoms: thanks for the update bro

    @Fuzzy: see you down there next month bro.
    Im not sure how the single day ticket buyer seatings are placed

  10. randoms says :

    btw, yesterday i tried to book 5 I love anisong tickets for my friends at one shot but cannot, and i tried today and it works! For those who want to book in bulk can do so now! think the sistic system a bit screw up….

  11. Densha Otoko says :

    First time here and I must say your blog is quite smooth and clean looking .

    Gonna enjoy reading your past posts ^_^ .

    Sadly , Can’t go to AFA09 . Due to working problems and such .

  12. e-jump says :

    Whoever getting the single day tickets, good luck

    @D-O: Welcome n enjoy your readings
    Feel free to comment on my past posts 🙂

    I hope to improve my photography skill so i can get invited to some private cosplay photoshoot sessions :3
    and more posts

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