Japanese Girls – The Guide (;゚ Д゚)

The title ‘Japanese Girl-The Guide’  itself kinda sounds a little cheesy to some.

`In just hours, learn seduction secrets most gaijin in Japan don’t even knew exist’ (;゚ Д゚)

I actually stumbled across this add last week while browsing JapanSugoi blog. Might as well share it to fellow comrades.

You can check more about the book/guide here http://japanese-girls-guide.com/. They also have testimonials. Does this guide covers 2D girls? The background do suggest like they do LOL 😀

Could this be the next best guide after the Otaku Encyclopedia for Japanophiles?

Feel free to share your thoughts and reviews

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃

In b4 ‘wut r u doin at JapanSugoi?’


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7 responses to “Japanese Girls – The Guide (;゚ Д゚)”

  1. maplesyrup21 says :

    sounds interesting

  2. Brian says :

    LOL. Well….it does say “Guaranteed” (meaning that it should work 100% of the time, is that right?!), though I’m curious if it truly works for any person.

    If it does work……..then wow.

  3. e-jump says :

    The confidence level….
    May KIV this if i decided for a japanese waifu

  4. Blowfish says :

    In the end all those Improve your dating skills books sound the same ^^

  5. Optic says :

    So how many clicks u got so far to that site if u don’t mind saying? xD

  6. arkAile says :

    feel like getting one xD

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