VOCALOID Photoshoot


Last Sunday I joined few of my photog friends to a private session VOCALOIDs photoshoot. It was my 1st ever session ever where no cons going-on on the same weekend. So here some of the photos i took, to be shared 🙂

Using my Alpha300, Tamron 17-50 F2.8 DXII which is now my all-around lens and HVL-F58AM flash, snap i goes. I set my own personal objective, which is to learn using Manual (where all this while I’ve been using Av) and learn photo composition. Messed up my shots since im still noob with my flash+Shutter control.

From my past cosplay photo, you can see that I always took full body pics, but feels lack composition of creativity. Ever since i saw a post mentioning “its not all about quantity, but a single picture that has the ability/creativity to give impact” (something along the line) somewhere, i guess i need to improve more.

Do check out my VOCALOID Gallery. Feel free to comment and critic my pics. Theyre greatly appreciated.

Im such a slowpoke, and theres still lotsa pics to process and upload ;_;

p/s: Thanks to fellow cosplayers and photographers. I have learn so much from this session.


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5 responses to “VOCALOID Photoshoot”

  1. Nogizaka says :

    You guys look amazing 😀 I wish I could cosplay..haha 😀

  2. zxcvdf says :

    nice pic…took at cyber MMU? kaito and third girl in last pic look familiar to me

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